BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 54 – Evan Hernandez

“They want me talk about Evan, right?” – Dustin Dollin

Filming for his Transworld “In Bloom” video part, a young Evan Hernadez, (Pre Rolex Watches and Rubba-Band Bizness) skates the Franklin High School 18 stair rail in Highland Park, CA. After a close call with a concussion, he rides away from a frontside boardslide, which ended up being his last trick in his Transworld part. He is accompanied by the underrated Jason Jones.

In a brief session at La Cañada High School, Jeff Lenoce attempts a switch heelflip down the 11 stair while Beagle tortures Knox Godoy by throwing his board up in a tree. After a short duration and a juvenile name calling dialogue, Knox retrieves his board by giving the tree a shake, but only to find it was now inhabited by a creepy crawler.

At the Santa Monica Courthouse, Beagle films Ako Jefferson perform a frontside kickflip down the four stair in dual t-shirt Laker getup with a pair of éS Koston 3s. As seen in “Chomp On This”. Handing the camera off, Ako films Beagle perform a frontside bluntslide shuv-it. As seen in the original Shake Junt video entitled “Shake Junt”. Peep the steez (style) on the nollie shuv, post landing. Circa 2001 – BEAGLE

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