Paul Rodriguez OFF PLAN B?!?!


Here is the pic that is making everyone go insane on social media with Paul Rodriguez sporting a painted over board and the removal of Plan B from his sponsor list on both his website and Facebook. While it is unsure exactly what is going on with the iconic skateboarder, people are hoping that he is working on his own company. Rumors are flying in about what team he will be joining on message boards but nothing has been confirmed yet so stay posted!

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Alex Olson Leaves Girl

alex olson leaves girl

Alex Olson leaves girl with this Instagram photo and this statement: “I keep seeing this everywhere and people keep sending me photos . So, I’ll just come with it. I’ll no longer be skating for girl anymore sad to say. I’ve been going to girl since I was 15 till now. Which is crazy! I consider them family but more importantly, I wanna thank them, Rick,Mike,Scott and everyone else over at Girl and Chocolate for everything they’ve done for me.I wouldn’t be where I am today with out the help and motivation of Girl. Thank you so much for everything you’ve change my life for the better I love you guys…”

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Notable Instagrams

#SkateNugg on Instagram and we will repost the photos we like, the best ones will end up here!!!

helping hand lb
A helping hand from @sgnarf for @do_bis

Luke McKay
Switch Front Shuv: Luke McKay Photo: Devan Rice

rob werner frontside flip
Frontside Flip: Rob Werner Photo: Dave Bohack

brianna vance
Brianna Vance with a layed back 5-0 Grind

robby rosano wall ride
Wall Ride: Robby Rosano Photo: Chris Shearin

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We figured it was time to pay homeage to some of the great pictures people gave us on Instagram, if you want to be featured all you have to do is #SkateNugg on Instagram and if we like your pic it could end up HERE!! (If its alright you will most likly get a repost).

Lighting Ollie
Fat ass double set Ollie – @do_bis Photo – @sgnarf

tyler nelson 50 sun
50-50: @tnelzz666 @proskateboardshop @seven3twoclothing

tyler scheck
Front Board: @tylerscheck94 Bench Bird: @jshimak Photo: #BrendanFallonPhoto

Josh Ettinger at the 660 Ramp
@joshettinger at the @660ramp #660Crew

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