Stoke Brigade (2019) – STREET PLANT

The Stoke Brigade is a Selection of Street Plant Battalion Members who are Active on their Boards, Engaged on Social Media, Always Willing to Spread Positivity, Make Connections, and Welcome ALL into Skateboarding with a Handshake and a Smile! ⁣The Stoke Brigade is: Blake Sacre, Dustin Lawrence, Cookie Cat, Tomoki Ikematsu, Marc Vettori, Leland Gallegos, Émeric Lefebvre, Tommy Storey, Robert Serafin, Marius Lemoen, Franz Reyes, Paul Phillips, Wayne Hayes, Jason Fritsch, Mikael Lindgren David Martinez, Juan Cisneros, Andrew Lemke, Alex Hellings, Brad Kelly, Josh Yelley, Anthony Shearer, Kayne Hayes, and Luis Suarez.

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