CCS – 100 Kickflips In Knee Pads? Testing Out Protec’s New Pro Pads

The benefits of having a proper set of Pro-Tec knee pads are well established. The ability to knee slide out of your bailed vert tricks can give you greater confidence to push your boundaries, help establish proper form on the ramp, and assist in the long-term retention of having knee caps so you can, you know, continue to have knees.

For many skaters, the real concern with knee pads is how it will affect mobility and performance when not sliding down the big transitions.

With this in mind, CCS Brand Director Matt Price dusted off the classic 100 Kickflips chestnut to do a little scientific real world analysis. He took the Pro-Tec Pro Knee Pads to the streets (er- skatepark) so you can witness how they perform under the intense pressures of Matt’s mighty stomp. Will they elevate or hinder the flicks and what will be the resulting wear and tear… on Price’s knees?

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CCS Deck Wear Test I Ponderosa Skatepark

CCS Deck Wear Test at Ponderosa Skatepark in Anaheim. Over at CCS we have always known that their decks are great, but they have never taken them out for a true wear test. CCS didn’t want to test them and have a bias opinion, so their guy Dale took a box of boards over to one of his favorite skateparks and decided to have the locals test them out. Tune in as CCS gives 3 decks to local Anaheim skateboarders and had them skate their local park to put the boards through a true test.

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Learning One of Dale’s Favorite Tricks Frontside Nosegrinds – CCS

Learning One of Dale’s Favorite Tricks, Frontside Nosegrinds. As you grow in skateboarding you will find that certain tricks are more fun than others. In this video CCS covers one of Dale’s personal favorites. It may seem difficult or scary, but lucky for us we have Dale to teach us every step of the way to learn Frontside Nosegrinds to ensure you have all of the tools you need to learn this trick the right way. Good Luck and Enjoy!

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Giving Away $1000 of Skateboarding Product – CCS

What’s a guy to do when he has a thousand bucks worth of new skate gear burning a whole in his trunk?

Fully equipped with enthusiasm, a new shovel, a roll of sod, and a big box of products generously donated from the lovely lads at Deluxe, CCS’ Dale Decker recently set out to literally bury some skate treasure near some of the well known spots in the Los Angeles area. But, it so happens that attempting to excavate public property has some drawbacks.

Join Dale as he sees which lucky locals are on board to push their limits for a chance at some fabulous free prizes. Or at least do some push-ups on camera.
And maybe hit those secret spots cause it’s only been a couple days since we buried the goods.

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Aiden Caruth For CCS Apparel

Aiden Caruth oozes style and originality. Whether he is conquering Pacific Northwest rains, tight transitions, deep end lip tricks, or ridiculously impractical board widths, CCS is proud to outfit Aiden in all the baggie gear he needs to get the job done.

Join Aiden as he gets high and dry on a drizzly day at the Eugene skatepark in his CCS classic Stacked Logo heavyweight hoodie.

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