How To Set Up The Inverted Kingpin Baseplate Kit With Chris “Cookie” Colbourn | Independent Trucks

Chris “Cookie” Colbourn shows us how to prolong his Independent trucks with the new Inverted Kingpin Baseplate Kit! See how easy it is to convert your trucks and get straight to the session.

Independent Trucks new inverted kingpin and baseplate set. Convert any Independent truck to an inverted kingpin setup for better grind clearance. Features an innovative new shaft nut for a more rigid setup and better turning performance than other inverted kingpin configurations. Use either a standard 9/16″ wrench or 5.5mm Allen key.

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KNÜCKS – Element Skateboards

Element presents KNÜCKS, a short skate video edited by French Fred Mortagne starring the Element international skate team. Featuring Eetu Toropainen, Victor Cascarigny, Jordan Sharkey, Gabriel Fortunat, Jaakko Ojanen, Maité Steenhoudt, Madars Apse, Dominik Walker, Brandon Westgate, Chris Colbourn, Nick Garcia, Ross McGouran, Weskinen, Phil Zwijsen, Ethan Loy, Antoine Ravel and César Dubroca.

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