Olympic Skateboarding And What It Means | World Skate SB

With only a few more days until skateboarding makes it official debut at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, we wanted to share the thoughts about this monumental event from a select few competitors that were headed to the big show. Featuring Bryce Wettstein (USA), Vincent Milou (FRA), Marilyn Arda Didal (PHI), Sky Brown (GBR), Andy Anderson (CAN), Leticia Bufoni (BRA), Lizzie Armanto (FIN), Felipe Gustavo (BRA), Roos Zwetsloot (NED), Mariah Duran (USA), Manny Santiago (PUR), and Nyjah Huston (USA).

And remember to tune in these next two weeks as these elite skateboarders take the biggest stage of their careers: July 25-26 (Street) and August 4-5 (Park).

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Rolling Deep for a Session at the California Skateparks TF – Red Bull

Red Bull got the keys to the California Skateparks Training Facility and stacked the park with as much skateboarding talent as we could fit in the building. The gang’s all here: press play. Featuring Lucas Rabelo, Zion Wright, Sakura Yosozumi, Leticia Bufoni, Torey Pudwill, Jamie Foy, Felipe Gustavo, Karl Berglind, Margie Didal, Ryan Decenzo, Alex Midler, and Gustavo Ribeiro.

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Top Tricks & Runs: Nyjah Huston Wins Dew Tour Men’s Street Finals | Dew Tour Des Moines 2021

Huston had four different scores break into the 9-point range, which made him nearly impossible to beat. After landing an incredible first run he one-upped himself by finishing his line with a half-cab to backside smith grind to backside 180 out of the 11-stair hubba to shock everyone.

Huston followed it up in the individual trick section on the same 11-stair hubba stomping a half-cab backside noseblunt to fakie, a switch heelflip frontside tailslide, and finally a switch heelflip frontside 5-0 to earn the highest score of the event, a 9.56.

“It’s a sick time for skateboarding, and I can’t wait to get [to the Olympics]” said Huston, 5-time World, and previous Dew Tour champion, looking forward to becoming an Olympian. When asked about the adjustments he made to win on the day, Huston responded, “I tried to give myself to room with the points… to give myself less pressure to land my final trick. I hadn’t landed the switch heelflip frontside 5-0 yet in practice, and never on anything that big.”

Men’s Street Final Results:
1. Nyjah Huston
2. Yuto Horigome
3. Aurelien Giraud
4. Jamie Foy
5. Vincent Milou
6. Felipe Gustavo
7. Manny Santiago
8. Shane O’Neill

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Top Three Runs from Men’s Street Semifinals | Dew Tour Des Moines 2021

Dew Tour Des Moines delivered a heated 32-skater Men’s Street Semifinal despite rain delays. The day wrapped with Manny Santiago, Aurelien Giraud, and Yuto Horigome leaving semis on fire and leading the group of eight qualified for the final.

The best 21 skaters from qualifying met the top 11 World Skate ranked pre-seeded for an abbreviated semifinal format of two, 45-second runs with the best score counting. Each of the three heats felt like international finals of their own.

Manny Santiago, 35, came out blazing for Puerto Rico as the oldest skater in the contest. His first run fired everyone up and gave him the top score, but he bested himself on his second run and burnt the place down.

1. Manny Santiago
2. Aurelien Giraud
3. Yuto Horigome
4. Vincent Milou
5. Jamie Foy
6. Nyjah Huston
7. Shane O’Neill
8. Felipe Gustavo

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With the World Tour on hold, SLS is taking a step out of the arena for an informal event with a twist. The format is familiar, the rules are loose, the skaters are hand picked, and the location is private, as Nyjah Huston opens up his private skatepark for 10 of the world’s best skaters to go head-to-head for unregulated glory in becoming the first SLS Unsanctioned Champion. THE SKATERS: Paul Rodriguez, Ishod Wair, Torey Pudwill, Jamie Foy, Dashawn Jordan, Felipe Gustavo, Carlos Ribeiro, Manny Santiago, Kelvin Hoefler and Matt Berger. THE JUDGES: Nyjah Huston, Leticia Bufoni and Kelly Hart

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From Playing Soccer in Brazil to Skating Stadiums in NYC | Felipe Gustavo: ALL ON ME

Growing up as a kid in Brazil, Felipe Gustavo dreamed of becoming a famous soccer player like his heroes Pele and Neymar. That is, until he picked up a skateboard and found his true calling. Now, living in the United States, Felipe has not only become one of the top street skaters in the world, but a household name back in his homeland. In this short video Felipe reflects on his childhood love of soccer, and takes full advantage of an opportunity to skate the New York Red Bull Arena.

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