Grosso Forever: The Propeller Vert Sessions | Skate | VANS

With Propeller being the first ever full-length skateboarding film from Vans, there was no question that it needed to pay homage its roots. Opening with an 80’s style backyard ramp session quickly became the plan, but what most don’t know is that Jeff Grosso single-handedly made it happen. From finding the location to assembling the skaters, Jeff became the heart and soul behind the shoot. Here for the first time is a full cut of what went down during those three epic days. This is a tribute to Jeff and everything he brought to our world through his boundless love for skateboarding. Featuring Jeff Grosso, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Lizzie Armanto and Omar Hassan.
Grosso Forever.

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Grosso Forever: Jeff Grosso’s Birthday Tribute – VANS

The old adage has never rung more true: legends never die. In memory of beloved Vans family member and skateboarding icon, Jeff Grosso, some of Jeff’s closest friends come together to celebrate his life during a virtual birthday gathering.

Grosso leaves behind a prolific legacy of skateboarding history, having touched the lives of skaters of all ages and backgrounds with his cunning commentary, tenacious attitude, and enduring activism for preserving the core. The special ceremony will showcase never-before-seen-footage of Jeff by Greg Hunt from the Vans Propeller vert sessions, birthday edits by Six Stair Productions of personal video dedications from friends and family. Moderated by Chris Nieratko, the event will close with an intimate memorial gathering with respected skate names such as Steve Van Doren, Loveletters to Skateboarding co-creators Rick Charnoski and Buddy Nichols, John Lucero, Steve Olson, Steve Alba and Lizzie Armanto.

Despite the era of social distancing, Vans brings us all together for this unique and truly special moment – a heartfelt ode to many lives lived by a passionate man who loved skateboarding more than anyone. Jeff Grosso, you are missed! – VANS

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Loveletters: The Rowan Special w/Ronnie Sandoval | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

What is a Caster Disaster? Who gets credit for the first Ollie? First grind on a handrail? Who was Grosso’s favorite skater in 1990? Best 360 flip? In this Special Edition Love Letter Grosso sits down with Vans’ newest signature pro, Rowan Zorilla, and San Pedro’s finest, Ronnie Sandoval, after a day of skating to see how much the youngsters know about this thing called skateboarding.

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Loveletters Season 10: France | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

The Loveletters crew took a trip from Paris to Lyon to Marseille, meeting up with skaters from every generation of French skaters along the way. We interviewed as many as we could and made this episode from their stories. This episode is NOT a history of France’s skate scene! This is a Loveletter to some of the many great French skaters who have killed it over the years. Watch this and then put your phone down and book a flight to France immediately.

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Loveletters Season 10: Canada | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

Canada has a long and deep skate history. From Montreal to Vancouver skaters have been ripping up north since the beginning of time. This episode is NOT a history of the Canadian skate scene! This is a Loveletter to some of the many great Canadians who have killed it from the 70s to today. Watch this and then put your phone down and take a trip to Canada.

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