Nyjah Huston 100 Kickflips In The Nike SB Nyjah Free – CCS

CCS has been trying to get Nyjah on the 100 Kickflip challenge forever, because they knew it would not be a challenge at all. Sure enough he banged out 100 in less than 20 minutes total, and only missed about 2 or 3. That’s not even the crazy part. The craziest part is that his shoe, the Nike SB Nyjah Free barely even broke a sweat let alone ripped a lace. See how this superhuman shoe held up to superhuman skating and then pick up a pair today at CCS.com!

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Nyjah Huston X Games Retrospective | X Games Minneapolis 2019

Skateboarding phenomenon Nyjah Huston was born in 1994. When he was 11 years old, he skated his first X Games. He was literally half the size of the rest of his competition, and his dreads reached down to his back. The bigger obstacles were tough for Nyjah to skate.

As Nyjah Huston grew into his teens, he got a little taller and started skating faster. He was able to conquer the bigger obstacles, and he was progressing with new tricks at an alarming rate. By the age of 16, Nyjah Huston was an X Games gold medalist. But the best was yet to come.

Battling the elder statesmen of Skateboard Street, such as Paul Rodriguez, Nyjah Huston helped to usher in the new breed of competitive street skaters. Now the winningest street skater in X Games history, Nyjah Huston is the man to beat.

“X Games has done so much for me throughout my career,” says Huston. Watch as Nyjah Huston relives his top X Games moments, 2006 to the present.

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