Street League Barcelona 2013: X GAMES THROWBACK

In one of the best nail-biting finishes in X Games history, 18-year-old Nyjah Huston stomped the last attempt of the entire comp to edge past Paul Rodriguez for gold at SLS X Games Barcelona 2013. But there was much more than a suspenseful ending at SLS in Barecelona. From adding to Street League’s coveted 9 Club to insane skating from the likes of Chris Cole, Torey Pudwill, Sean Malto, Manny Santiago and more, SLS Barcelona was one for for the books.

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Street League Foz do Iguaçu 2013: X GAMES THROWBACK

Flashback to April 20, 2013. X Games has gone global and after winter stops in Aspen and Tignes, we dipped down to Brazil for X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013. On day three, Nyjah Huston was already doing Nyjah Huston stuff. He won qualifiers, then then beat out Sean Malto and Torey Pudwill to reclaim the gold in the finals.

“Going into the first [Street League stop] I always want to win it so bad, and I feel like I’ve got so much pressure on myself,” Huston said. “So winning the first one is always the best thing for me.”

Final score notwithstanding, Huston did not dominate the battle: Chaz Ortiz led after the flow section of the competition, thanks to a run that included a crooked grind to nollie flip out, putting him ahead of local favorite Luan Oliveira, Pudwill, and Huston. Oliveira owned the next portion of the contest, rocking the yellow and green jersey of Brazil’s national soccer team to the delight of his home crowd and winning the control section with the highest scoring single run of the day, thanks to a nollie hardflip noseslide to shove-it out. At 9.7 it was the second highest-scoring trick in Street League history and put him in the overall lead ahead of Ortiz and Huston.

If you were there, this was one Street League comp to remember, and in case you missed it, enjoy this trip down memory lane!

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X Games Foz do Iguaçu 2013 Skateboard Big Air: X GAMES THROWBACK | World of X Games

“We’ve had these MegaRamp events here, and I’ve gotten wins here, but, this was unique,” Burnquist said. “I’m really stoked. And to do it here at home, as the first main X Games … I can’t ask for anything better.” An on-point Elliot Sloan claimed silver. Australia’s 38-year-old Jake Brown took home the bronze medal, along the way penning a new page in the history books with skateboarding’s first 720 ollie.

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Ryan Sheckler: BEING EXTENDED CUT | World of X Games

Considered the first modern child star of skateboarding, Ryan Sheckler was competing at a pro level by the time he was 13, followed by his own reality television show, scores of pro accolades and the trappings of fame at a young age. Rather than burn out, Sheckler adjusted his focus and returned to his true love of skating. Now with the gift of perspective, he’s enjoying a new life of Ryan.

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TOP SKATEBOARDING MOMENTS: 25 Years of X | World of X Games

Since the first Extreme Games in 1995, skateboarding has been front and center at the seat of progression in X Games. What started as a park course and vert ramp has now become dedicated competitions in almost all avenues of skateboarding, from Park to Vert to Street to Video to Big Air. In a word, X Games has grown alongside the global movement of skateboarding, and we’ve been lucky to have an inside look at the some of the biggest moments in skateboarding.

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MITCHIE BRUSCO: #2 | X Games 2019 Top 10 Moments

Mitchie Brusco takes the #2 spot on the X Games Top Ten list. The 900 was first landed on a skateboard 20 years ago (at X Games, of course). The trick remains so difficult that fewer than 10 people have done it at X Games. Then came the 1080; you can count the people who have landed that trick on one hand. Now we have the 1260.

–Mitchie Brusco landed the world’s first 1260 on the quarterpipe during Run 3 of Skateboard Big Air. He crashed attempting the trick in his first two runs, and that came after crashing on it twice at X Games Shanghai. He made it look easy in his 5th overall attempt at X Games. The 1260 was part of a line that included a switch 180 over the 50-ft. gap. Despite the world’s first 1260, Mitchie took silver.

He now owns 10 X Games medals total. And 1260 bragging rights.

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MISUGO OKAMOTO: #6 | X Games 2019 Top 10 Moments

Misugu Okamoto takes #6 on the X Games Top Ten list. Misugu Okamoto absolutely crushed the field at X Games Minneapolis 2019, just as she’s been doing all year: The 13-year-old has won five straight major park contests.And she’s not just dominating, she’s revolutionizing women’s park skateboarding and leading a legion of teens and tweens who have completely changed the discipline.

Her victory in her rookie appearance makes her the second-youngest gold medalist in X Games history. Welcome to the Top Moments of 2019 Misugu!

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NYJAH HUSTON: #7 | X Games 2019 Top 10 Moments

Nyjah Huston takes #7 on the X Games Top Ten list. Nyjah Huston had already earned consecutive X Games Skateboard Street gold when he prepped for his final run — the final run of the entire contest — at X Games Shanghai. But he wasn’t even on the podium after Run 2 in China. He needed to crush his last pass. And of course he did, because delivering under pressure is exactly what Nyjah does.

He finished with an emphatic claim, too, raising his arms in triumph when he nailed his ender, the nollie flip noseblunt slide. There also was relief, because he nearly hung up on the trick. The Shanghai victory was his 10th X Games Street gold and 11th XG gold overall (2012 Real Street). He went on to add another gold and a silver at X Games Minneapolis, and he now has 18 total XG medals.

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