Bonesaw Rails = The Most Wickedest Curb-Cutting Rails Out There! – CREATURE

At long last, the Creature Bonesaw Rails are ready to slide at your disposal. Sit back and let the Fiends put these bad boys to the test!

Creature went back to the drawing board to bring you the most wickedest curb-cutting shape, formed from the fastest sliding material (that we assume is legal to use) in this country. Not since the birth of the rail has there been a set as killer as these bad boys.

Here’s why: Plenty of material to wear down, extending the Bonesaw’s sliding life. Short in length to accommodate the surge in shorter wheelbases, with only 4 mounting screws per rail to cut down on board fatigue. Lies perfectly flat on your deck, minimizing vibration rattle… and oh yeah, they just feel killer to grab, too. Pick them up HERE.

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