CHRIS ROBERTS: Skaters In Cars l X Games

“We are back.” Wait, wrong skate interview series….

Welcome to another edition of “Skaters In Cars,” featuring none other than Nine Club host Chris Roberts. Since 2016, Roberts has been the main host of skateboarding’s premiere podcast, The Nine Club, interviewing the top names from across the skate industry and beyond, from pros such as Bam Margera to artists such as Neckface to Lil Wayne.

But before Roberts jumped into the role of interviewer, he was making a name for himself by skating. As a sponsored pro for Chocolate Skateboards, Roberts has lived and breathed skateboarding for over two decades, and his wealth of knowledge helped him transcend into hosting The Nine Club with ease.

In this episode of “Skaters In Cars,” the host becomes the guest yet again as Roberts and Chris Nieratko visit some of the more well known skate spots on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Get in the car and buckle up. It’s gonna be an interesting ride.

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