Featuring Sam Cardelfe, Zack Fashouer, Tyler Pakstis, Chris Zack, Neil Herrick, Kevin Eager, Liam McCabe, Liam Daly, Danny Janosko, Trevor Hart, Jordan Purcell, Mick Robbins, Joey Rodriguez, Chris Anderson, Dakota Welty, Jimmy McDonald, Danny Falla, Jasper Stieve, Kempsey Alexandre, Danny Oquendo, Billy Preston, Billy Cusa, Blake Mahon, Robby Rosano, Alec Chambers, Levi Thompson, Mike the Genius, Isaac White, Josh Morris, and Will Smith. Video by Dylan Holderness and Evan Pacheco. Additonal Filming: Steve Mastorelli and Carson Reuther. Titles/Effects: Solomon Leyba, Zack Fashouer, Sam Cardelfe.

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With so many of Labor’s crew riding Ventures, it only made sense to come together on a project. Check out the video and the new Venture X Labor trucks in 5.25 HI and 5.8. Available now exclusively at Labor.

Featuring in order of appearance: Connor Kammerer, Dustin Eggeling, Jimmy McDonald, Danny Falla, Chris Jata, Zach Dykes, Neil Herrick, John Devine, James Sayres, John Shanahan, and Jake Baldini.

Pick up a pair HERE.

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RAW DEALS episode #004

Tom Colabraro drops Raw Deals Episode 4 featuring JB Gillet, Danny Falla, Jimmy McDonald, German Nieves, Cairo Foster, Dan Pensyl, JJ Rousseau, Luke Koch, Ben Chadourne, Eli Reid, Cooper Wilt, Joe Tookmanian, Jake Johnson, Brian Brown, Willy Akers, Zach Lyons, Dave Caddo, Dan Murphy, Zered Bassett & Robert Lim.

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Orchard Stone Soup – Cream of the Crop Friends Section

Featuring Fred Gall, Quim Cardona, Dave Caddo, Curtis Rapp, Jerry Mraz, Jersey Dave, Mark Suciu, Jordan Taylor, Marty Murawski, Cooper Wilt, Issey Yumiba, Yoshio “Habuchin” Habuto, Ofer Or, Brandon Westgate, Dave Bachinsky, Russ Milligan, Andrew Mcgraw, Will Harmon, Ryan Gallant, Zered Bassett, Jake Johnson, Andy Henrie, Jason Jessee, Julien Stranger, Andy Roy, Jason Dill, Dan Drehobl, Mark Gonzales, Bobby Worrest, Ishod Wair, Leo Gutman, Jimmy McDonald, Aaron Herrington, Jimmy Lannon, and Ben Gore.

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Tampa Pro 2014 – Day 2

Its time for the Tampa PRo already which means Summer is on its way, check out as the SPOT Crew hangs out with Kevin Romar, Chaz Ortiz, Ishod Wair, Ryan Decenzo, Sierra Fellers, Luan Oliveira, Evan Smith, Jimmy McDonald, David Gonzalez, Stefan Janoski, Nyjah Huston, and more during Day 2.

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“Feelin Friendly” – Friends Montage

Featuring; Luke Koch, Kyle Dalrymple, Jimmy Larsen, Theo Korkidas, Nick Ferrogari, Derek Nawrocki, “Black” Dave Willis, Sylvester “Dougie Eduardo”, Jimmy McDonald, Joe Tookmanian, Brian Clarke, Yaje Popson, Jason Dill, Gilbert Crockett, Brad Cromer, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Riley Hawk, Matt Cullen, Tim Achille, German Nieves, Jamal Smith, Joe Roxbury, Nate Fantasia, and Rodrigo Lima.

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