Men’s Finals: Runs and Best Tricks | Street Skateboarding World Championships 2021

The world’s best male street skateboarders were invited to Rome, Italy for the 2021 Street Skateboarding World Championships. In the finals, each competitor is given two run attempts and five best-trick attempts, with the top four scores being counted towards their final total score.

Not only are the stakes high to crown a World Champion, but this event also serves as the final qualification event for Tokyo. By the end of the event, all countries’ street skate athletes will be decided, making this a big moment in the world of skateboarding.

Competitors List:
Jake Ilardi
Matt Berger
Micky Papa
Sora Shirai
Jagger Eaton
Kelvin Hoefler
Yuto Horigome
Nyjah Huston

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KELVIN HOEFLER | Aspire – Inspire: Ep 02 – Monster Energy

From humble beginnings to winning on the biggest skateboarding stages in the world, Kelvin Hoefler has rose from his own hard-won success.

The former SLS Super Crown Champion and two-time X Games gold medalist from Brazil is known for his highly technical street skating, especially complex trick combinations landed consistently in high-pressure contest situations. He also pushes the boundaries in the streets, where he films heavy-hitting video parts.

As Kelvin prepares for Tokyo 2021, witness all the pride, expectation, and pressure of carrying the flag for Brazil, a country so well known for bringing forth amazing skateboard talent.

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With the World Tour on hold, SLS is taking a step out of the arena for an informal event with a twist. The format is familiar, the rules are loose, the skaters are hand picked, and the location is private, as Nyjah Huston opens up his private skatepark for 10 of the world’s best skaters to go head-to-head for unregulated glory in becoming the first SLS Unsanctioned Champion. THE SKATERS: Paul Rodriguez, Ishod Wair, Torey Pudwill, Jamie Foy, Dashawn Jordan, Felipe Gustavo, Carlos Ribeiro, Manny Santiago, Kelvin Hoefler and Matt Berger. THE JUDGES: Nyjah Huston, Leticia Bufoni and Kelly Hart

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Global AMdemic 2020 Finals

It’s the the Global AMdemic Finals, where the best of the best amateur skateboarders in the world battle it out for Tampa Am spots, a $1,000 cash prize and bragging rights for life. Plus Independent Best Trick and feedback from judges Kelly Hart, Kelvin Hoefler, and Mike Sinclair. Hosted by Paul Zitzer and Andrew Cannon. Finals Start List: Jhancarlos Gonzalez, Marcelo Batista, Mauro Iglesias, Raimu Sasaki, Ismael Henrique, Juan Ignacio, Gabriel Fortunato, Jorge Simoes, Vinicius Costa, Daiki Ikeda, Filipe Mota, Keyake Ike and Dylan Jaeb.

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Setups: Kelvin Hoefler Details Powell Peralta Skateboard, Tensor Trucks, Autobahn Wheels & More

In this Setups video, we watch Brazil’s Kelvin Hoefler peel the wrapper off of a new Powell Peralta deck and go through each of his skateboard components as he assembles it all. In addition, Kelvin fills us in on the technical details of the skateboard size he rides, how he likes to ride his Tensor trucks, and the shape of Autobahn wheel he is testing out. All this and more in Kelvin’s Setups video above.

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Kelvin Hoefler & Ivan Monteiro | Dew Tour Live Episode 10

This week we welcome Brazilian skateboarders Kelvin Hoefler and Ivan Monteiro to Dew Tour Live episode ten! Both powerhouses hail from Sao Paulo and now reside in Southern California where they eat, sleep, and live the skateboarder’s dream. We’ll also be tapping in the editors at TransWorld SKATEboarding for the latest updates from the skate world. Available here on YouTube, Facebook, and as a podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

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