2018 SLS World Championship | Global Open Qualifiers Men’s Recap

80 men from around the world battled it out in the Global Open Qualifiers. Congrats to the top 20 that advanced to the World Championship Quarter-Finals to meet some of the lower placing SLS Pros from the 2018 season. The top 14 advance to the Semi-Finals where they will meet more SLS Pros from the 2018 season. Top 4 from the Semi’s will join the top 4 from the 2018 season in the Super Crown Final!

Watch the Super Crown Final live on streetleague.com

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Top Four 2018 Season | SLS World Championship

The Top 4 from the 2018 SLS season advancing straight to the Super Crown Final of our all new World Championship:
1. Yuto Horigome
2. Kelvin Hoefler
3. Felipe Gustavo
4. Chris Joslin
The rest of the SLS Pros will battle it out in the World Championship Quarter-Final & Semi-Final as they try to secure one of the 4 remaining spots! It all goes down January 11-13 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil!

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After the we found out who the 2 new SLS Pros were in London the 2018 SLS World Tour continued with the first official stop in Los Angeles, CA. 36 Pros battled it out in the Prelims. Watch the 2018 SLS LA Final with the top 8 that made it out of the Prelim: Yuto Horigome, Chris Joslin, Nyjah Huston, Kelvin Hoefler, Manny Santiago, Tommy Fynn, Felipe Gustavo & Zion Wright!

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