DGK x Cup Noodles

The story of Cup Noodles is one that is uniquely DGK. After WWII, Japan faced a severe food shortage. Through this unfortunate event the spirit of innovation shined through and instant ramen was created. The demand for these instant cups were felt around the globe and Cup Noodles has been nourishing the world for the past 60 years.

DGK respects the drive and innovation from its founder by taking a negative circumstance and turning it into positive phenomenon. DGK is proud to collaborate with Cup Noodles as it continues to change the world one cup at a time. Check out the collection HERE.

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From Playing Soccer in Brazil to Skating Stadiums in NYC | Felipe Gustavo: ALL ON ME

Growing up as a kid in Brazil, Felipe Gustavo dreamed of becoming a famous soccer player like his heroes Pele and Neymar. That is, until he picked up a skateboard and found his true calling. Now, living in the United States, Felipe has not only become one of the top street skaters in the world, but a household name back in his homeland. In this short video Felipe reflects on his childhood love of soccer, and takes full advantage of an opportunity to skate the New York Red Bull Arena.

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Creature Presents: Johnny Mateu’s Leather Series

2 years in the making or 2 years to make? Whatever it may be, it don’t matter. Leather crafting can’t be rushed and now our friend Johnny Mateu’s Leather prowess is infused with Creature’s finest planks.

Hailing from Philly, Johnny assigns Hitz, Navs and Lockwood with instruments of creation (or destruction depending on how you look at it) translated from leather on their personal favorite shapes. Wrapped with nice black top veneers and a Matte finish, this series is packed with soul and awaits your ripping.

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #62 – Andrew Reynolds, Primitive, Leticia Bufoni & Chris Cole Off Plan B

We discuss Kevin Bækkel’s “Higher Power” part, Primitive Skateboards 2019 Europe Tour, Spitfire’s “Keep The Fire Burning” Video, Leticia Bufoni and Chris Cole part ways with Plan B, Andrew Reynolds leaves Emerica, channel membership questions, we’ve got mail, picking a winner for last weeks raffle of the eS Footwear package, this weeks raffle is a New Balance Numeric package! – Chris Roberts

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Maurio McCoy True Grit: From humble beginnings to the world stage – Santa Cruz

From humble beginnings all the way to the world stage, this True Grit features Maurio McCoy. Last year we made our way out to the east coast to spend time with Maurio and his family in his hometown of Reading Pennsylvania.

Located about half way between Philadephia and Harrisburg, the states capital, Reading is the site of the now defunct Reading Railroad, the same one that you may have purchased in your most recent game of Monopoly. Over the course of the cities history it has seen good days and bad but there I no question that to make it out it takes perseverance. To learn more about his roots, drive and how he became the incredible skater and person he is today check out this True Grit.

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Nassim Lachhab for etnies Shredding Prague

Whilst checking out the Mystic Cup event at the start of July – and as is always the way with Prague – you can’t go there without spending some time at Stalin Square. The spot most likely needs no introduction. It goes back at least as far as the 25 years the Mystic Cup has been around and is one of the very best bust-free plaza spots in the world. For a ledge gremlin like Nassim, this place is pure bliss.

As the skatepark contest session began to wind down, etnies head up the hills as the heat from the sun began to mellow to hang with locals and other traveling crews.

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