Hesh Sesh with The Bumbag Co! Collab OUT NOW!

Bumbag x Creach is a Match Made in the Cellar. They created a classic hip pack and a Cooler bag with integrated Bluetooth Speaker. What better way to put these bags to the test then to link up at the park, put some bevs on ice, fire up some coals, and bust out the speaker for a good ‘ol hesh sesh! Featuring Fiends and Homies Chris Russell, Milton Martinez, John Gardner, Sam Hitz, Lefty, Bobby Long, Collin Provost, Tom Remillard, and Wes Kremer.

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LGBTQ+ Love Note: A Conversation With Elissa Steamer | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding

Grosso catches up with skate pioneer, Elissa Steamer, to talk about queerness in skateboarding and the hardships of communicating identity within the skate community. Hint: language is everything!

Vans is thankful to everyone who shared their story, strengthening the community of skateboarding. If you are a person in crisis or in need of a safe and judgement free place to talk, call the TrevorLifeline now at 1-866-488-7386.

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #103 – Nyjah Huston, Lil Dre and Jonathan Perez, Manramp

We discuss Manramp “Return of the Ramp”, Nyjah Huston stops by to talk about his new Nike SB shoe the Nyjah 2, we watch live and celebrate as Karl Watson turns Lil Dre and Jonathan Perez pro for Maxallure Skateboards, Eldy’s pick of the week, a fly joins the show, Mega Park: Elliot Sloan, Josef Skott in DC’s “Domino” part and much more!

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5 Minutes of PURE Erick Winkowski: Camping With The Homies! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

5 minutes of pure Erick Winkowski. Erick and crew went for a camping trip to Volcom Brothers Skatepark in Mammoth, CA to get away from the city and try out his all new Aquatic board with art by Thomas Fernandez. Everything about this video is going to make you want to skate. Filmed and edited by Hector Corral. Additional filming by Nick Hanson.

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Pedro Barros Skates The Untouched Architecture Of Oscar Niemeyer | CONCRETE DREAMS – Red Bull

Pedro Barros & Murilo Peres get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to roll on the fabled curves of some undisputed masterpieces of Brazilian architecture!

Oscar Niemeyer remains one of the most important architectures in modern history. Click play and watch Concrete Dreams – a never to be repeated collaboration between the artist’s estate and Red Bull which allows us to savour the majestic forms of an unbridled architectural genius in the way only skateboarders can.

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The Tony Hawk Foundation Is Now THE SKATEPARK PROJECT

The Tony Hawk Foundation has announced a change in name, but not in focus. Now known as The Skatepark Project, the organization continues its award-winning work to support community skatepark projects across the U.S., and skatepark-based programming internationally.

Its mission is to help underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth. The Skatepark Project envisions thriving, healthy and sustainable communities throughout the United States in which young people have equitable access to safe outdoor spaces for creative expression, physical activity and a sense of belonging.

Head to www.skatepark.org to learn more about how to support public skateparks through The Skatepark Project or get help with your local public skatepark advocacy project.

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SABOTAGE – Go Skateboard Day 2020

Sabotage drops this Go Skateboarding Day 2020 edit featuring Justin Adeniran, Paris Summerville, Chris Falo, Andrea Bethke, Ben Pfaeffle, Kevin Bilyeu, Brian Panebianco, Dylan Sourbeer, Joey Marrone, Ryan Chaney, Jahmir Brown, Dominic Bright, Brandon Gee, Chris Landry, Harry Bergenfield, Stefon Taylor, Mike Mataresse, Patrice Southerland, Javan Michael, Kris Brown, Nazir Wayman, Tore Bevivino, Kyle McCrossen, Ant Rosado and Mike Ward.

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