Chloe Covell: The Youngest X-Games Medalist on Her Journey to the 2024 Olympics

Welcome to the video about the incredible journey of street skateboarder Chloe Covell from Australia. At just 12 years old, she became the youngest athlete ever to win two X-Games medals. In this video, we follow her as she pursues her biggest dream of competing in the 2024 Olympics.

Chloe started skating at the age of six and quickly fell in love with the sport. By the time she was nine, she was already competing in local skateboarding events. Her skills and dedication soon caught the attention of the skateboarding community, and in 2019, she made history by becoming the youngest athlete to win an X-Games medal at the age of 11.

Chloe’s incredible talent and determination have continued to shine since then. In 2020, she won her second X-Games medal, again making history as the youngest athlete to do so before the age of 13. Now, her sights are set on the 2024 Olympics, and she is determined to make her mark on the world stage.

In this video, we follow Chloe as she trains for the upcoming Olympic qualifiers and talks about her journey so far.

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