“Episode 2 covers all 5 Boroughs of NYC, even Staten Island and spans between the years of 2010 and 2013. During this time I was filming for both the Static IV project but also wrapping up the “Welcome to MIA” video at the same time. So Brian Delatore and Joel Meinholz were in NYC a little bit and we all filmed together with the Static crew at the same time. The line-up includes: Kevin Tierney, Ted Barrows, Aaron Herrington, Dustin Eggeling, Jahmal Williams, Brian Delatore, Yaje Popson, Quim Cardona, Jimmy Lannon, Brian Clarke, Jahmal Williams and Joel Meinholz. Dustin Eggling was still a pretty young kid in this time frame, and you can really see it in some of his clips. Brian Clarke was a late addition to the Static IV project but his footage is all so solid that he ended up having one of my favorite parts. This episode shows some of the first clips Brian started to get that made me want to include him with his own section. We are all over the place at this time, bouncing over to Staten on the ferry, training up to the Bronx and we even got a little session in at the JFK banks.” – Theories of Atlantis.

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