adidas Skateboarding Presents /// UNITY

Formed in 2017 by Jeffrey Cheung and Gabriel Ramirez with the goal of creating a safe space in skateboarding for LGBTQ+ people, Unity has become a global expression of acceptance and positivity in skateboarding. adidas Skateboarding and Unity present “Don’t Be Afraid of Who You Are,” a collaboration celebrating queer and trans people in skateboarding and the power of DIY.

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adidas Skateboarding Presents /// Jenn & Mariah

Watch Jenn Soto & Mariah Duran skate through LA, Miami, and Spain with special guests Samantha Narvaez and Heitor Da Silva. Juggling contests, filming, sponsor obligations, and more contests; Jenn and Mariah took a trip to Miami to skate and hit the reset button. What was originally an escape with friends for a change of scenery and mindset ended up turning into the kickoff point for the feature you see here.

“Jenn & Mariah” is a celebration with the homies.

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adidas Skateboarding presents /// SHIN

In celebration of the latest addition to the adidas Skateboarding team, this edit showcases Shin Sanbongi’s effortless style on a cross-continental run with fellow teammates Filip Almqvist, Dennis Busenitz, Niels Bennett and Silas Baxter-Neal. Captured through the lens of Chris Mulhern on location in Taiwan, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

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Adidas Matchbreak Super 17 Man Ultra Wear Test

In case you were wondering, almost every single person that touches your orders at CCS also rides a skateboard. When Adidas invited CCS to their park in Portland to wear test their newest shoe, The Matchbreak Super, CCS was rolling almost 20 deep, leave no one behind! The CCS crew put a hurting on these shoes and skated their asses off for over three hours on some of the smoothest concrete in Oregon. Between all of them not a lace was ripped and it was proven that the shoes are built for every day skateboarding. Grab a pair now HERE!

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adidas Skateboarding Latin America presents /// DAS AMERICAS

DAS AMERICAS was filmed in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Santiago, Lima, Bogotá and Panama City. During the stops, the Latin American team formed by Akira Shiroma, Bastian Núñez, Daniel Vela, Federico González, Geronimo Bravo, Joakin Goto, Kervin Miranda, Vitória Mendonça and Paula Costales was captured in movement by the lens of the experienced director Marco de Souza.

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adidas Skateboarding presents /// Law Of The Seas

Silas Baxter-Neal, Shin Sanbongi and Dennis Durrant head out to the land down under to link up with fellow Australian and Japanese team riders. Watch as the teams unite over seas to rip up the Sydney streets.

Featuring the following skaters: Dennis Durrant, Kai Kishi, Jae Overton, Billy Lukins, Brad Saunders, Gary Almeida, Hiroki Muraoka, Issey Kumatani, Justice Reid, Kento Yoshioka, Shin Sanbongi , Silas Baxter Neal, Tom Snape, Vanessa Miles, Laurence Keefe, Yoshiaki Toeda, Adam Davies, Sean Parker, Phil Marshall, and Levi Jarvis.

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