Spaghettochild 3 – “YOUTH OF YESTERDAY”

Featuring Gianluca Mariani, André Lucat, Matteo Dinisio, Mattia Turco, Takuya Kirchmayr Nei, Diego Garcia Dominguez, Carlo Lalumera, David Vivaldini, Peppe Romeo, Diana Manfredi, Andrea Di Liddo, Edo Paris, Nicola Giorano, Ruben Spelta, Aref Koushesh, Niko Bromo, Jacopo Carozzi, Sergio Reinhardt, Stevie Bergum, Luca Gabino, L’Americano, Giovanni Grazzani, René Olivo, Gianluca Miotto, Gabriele Ferrari, Papik Rossi, Dimuz, Enrico Cerovac, Dustin Dollin, Gio Onorato, Stefano Panfili, Massimo Panfili and Fabri Fibra.

Gianluca Mariani is one of the Italian skateboarders that have contributed immensely to the initial spark of the street skateboarding scene in Milan; inspiring old and new generations through his attitude, rawness and style. Being among the first to have skated the world-renowned Milano Centrale plaza, paving the way for the rise of young rippers such as Ruben Spelta, Nicola Giordano, Jacopo Carozzi, Niko Bromo Aref Koushesh.

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Spaghettochild 3 – Youth of Yesterday

17 years after Spaghettochild’s last video: “Why Be Something You’re Not?”, this skate video/documentary hybrid looks into the history of one of Italy’s most underground and purist of skateboard brands.
“Youth of Yesterday” dives into the mind of Gianluca Mariani, his 30 years of skateboarding and the philosophy behind his idiosyncratic creation.

Witness the thoughts, stories, unseen footage, photo’s and interviews from those who have contributed to making Spaghettochild what it is: 30 years of rawness.

Fast and Fueled!

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GENUINE STREET FLAVOUR – PESCARA (Italian skateboarding)

5 days in the sunny, seaside city of Pescara with “Badass Coast” crew. Ruben Spelta, Michele Pace, Francisco Andara, Emanuele De Galitiis, Kristoffer Malana, Cristian Campanile, Alessandro Di Luggo, Matteo Tortona, Gaspare Gentile, Giorgio Piermatteo, Diego Garcia Dominguez, Sudarshan Asokkumar, Andrea Di Liddo, Gabriele Ferrari, Davide Cipriani, René Olivo, Gianluca Miotto, Francesco Cantoro, Marco Sacconi, Andrea Colzani and Daniele Zennaro.

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