Chris Joslin: BEING | X Games Minneapolis 2019

To avoid the encroaching gang life surrounding Hawaiian Gardens, California, Chris Joslin’s grandmother introduced the young skater to El Dorado, the nearby skatepark in Long Beach. There, even at a young age, Joslin avoided the transitions, preferring to jump over entire pyramids straight to flat.

This tendency sparked something in the young skater, and by his teenage years, Chris Joslin was traveling throughout Southern California in search of huge stair sets and setups to jump down. Eventually, word spread of Joslin’s exploits, and he was invited to join the esteemed Plan B Skateboards team and film for their 2014 video “True.”

His part shocked the world of skateboarding, and from there, things went from zero to one hundred pretty fast for Joslin. More video parts followed, more sponsorships followed, and he turned pro a short time later. But along the way, Chris Joslin had to check himself.

“We both knew we were drinking too much,” says teammate Ryan Sheckler. Luckily, Joslin recognized his issue and and corrected his path.

Now a committed family man, Chris Joslin hasn’t lost his focus or ability to progress. This is Being Chris Joslin.

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Chris Joslin: X Games Session

Since he burst onto the skate scene in 2014, Chris Joslin has worn many hats, from video icon to diehard competitor to sponsored pro. These days, Chris Joslin is all of that plus a homeowner, father and husband. But at the core, he still just wants to skate everyday. Here, Chris Joslin runs through a typical day at home in Southern California: dad life, sandwiches and skating in his X Games Session.

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Top Four 2018 Season | SLS World Championship

The Top 4 from the 2018 SLS season advancing straight to the Super Crown Final of our all new World Championship:
1. Yuto Horigome
2. Kelvin Hoefler
3. Felipe Gustavo
4. Chris Joslin
The rest of the SLS Pros will battle it out in the World Championship Quarter-Final & Semi-Final as they try to secure one of the 4 remaining spots! It all goes down January 11-13 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil!

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RIDE THE TAO: etnies China Tour

Nanjing, Xi’an and Changsha, China featuring Chris Joslin, Nick Garcia, Ryan Lay, Barney Page, and Trevor McClung.

After a 14-hour flight over the Pacific en route to China, the etnies team finally arrived in Nanjing to meet their trusty guides. The crew immediately embarked upon the streets to skate China’s infamous marble landscape in skate spot heaven. The days were filled with jam-packed demos (thanks to the locals!), dodging the rain, Chinese food every night, meat markets, sightseeing Xi’an’s Terracotta Army and tuk tuks whisking us from to and fro. At the end of the day, nobody dared to try the chicken feet, but Barney did, unsurprisingly, lose his phone. Watch the 15-minute video as it takes you on the team’s journey through China!

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