Doing it for Henry – Filming for ‘BAE’ w/ Knibbs | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Today Santa Cruz is hyped to sit down and talk with Jereme Knibbs to learn about what went in to the making of their latest video ‘BAE’ now playing on Thrasher Magazine. With Knibbs and Kevin Braun spearheading the video together, we get to hear from Knibbs perspective why he was so stoked to share a project with Brother Braun. We also get the inside scoop on what he thinks of newest member of the squad Zion Effs and much more. From breaking bones to losing loved ones, Knibbs describes how he was able to turn negatives into positives before the deadline of the video hit. We are stoked to give BAE another watch after this one!

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Waller St, Hillbombs & More w/ Knibbs, Braun in SF! Screaming Vlog 50 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Screaming Vlog 50 begins at the Waller Ledges in SF with Kevin Braun and Jereme Knibbs as Knibbs reminds us to check out while setting up his new deck. Brother Braun is off to the races with the most firing line, just as our friend James Cobb pieces together a firing line himself! Next up, we hit a ledge to hill bomb spot first done switch by Pablo Ramirez (RIP). To cap things off, the crew posts up at a sick wallride to hillbomb spot in the heart of the city.

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8.28 x 31.83 HENRY GARTLAND ‘Lava Lamp’ PRODUCT CHALLENGE w/ ANDREW CANNON! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

In our hearts forever E Henry Gartland. Proceeds from this board will be donated to The Henry Gartland Foundation. Please visit for more information. Santa Cruz Skateboards puts Brand Manager Andrew Cannon to the test with three different challenges to find out how the Henry Gartland ‘Lava Lamp’ Pro Model Deck skates!

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Introducing The Henry Gartland Foundation | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Turning someone pro starts long before the actual debut of their first pro board. With Henry Gartland, we had been working on this behind the scenes since the start of 2019. As he continued to push his skating, we all got a front row seat to watch him become the pro that we all knew he would be. When Henry left us back in January it was a loss not only to all of us that were close to him, but to the skate community around the world. Although we are still working through this we want you to know that the support and love from everyone out there has been incredible.

It is at the request of the family that we move forward with the release of Henry’s pro boards. The proceeds of which will be donated to The Henry Gartland Foundation. Henry’s father, Eric, explains that the foundation will focus specifically on brain health. We ask that you please visit the website and follow their instagram for updates and to learn more.

The first boards will available around the end of May, which is subject to change. We appreciate your patience and will be releasing 3 decks total for Henry in 2021.

In our hearts forever E Henry Gartland

Please visit for more info.

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BEST OF SCREAMING VLOGS 1 – 20! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

For the best of Screaming Vlogs 1-20 Santa Cruz looks back on some of their favorite moments from the first 20 weeks with the crew. Team Manager Eric Palozzolo and SC Video Producer Joe Perrin walk us through some of the behind the scenes of what went down. We’ve got heat waves, forest fires, skate park check ins, trick battles and even a studio visit with LiveRad Studios aka Thomas Fernandez! With riders Emmanuel Guzman, Jereme Knibbs, Kevin Braun, Maurio McCoy, Tom Asta, Jake Wooten and Henry Gartland there is some serious ripping you don’t want to miss!

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SO Many Hammers! 18 STAIR Noseblunt?! Day Of Destruction | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Almost 3 years ago Santa Cruz took their first full trip with what would become the future pros for Santa Cruz. Henry Gartland, Maurio McCoy, Jereme Knibbs and Kevin Braun skated a classic San Jose Spot. This was the first time in the SC van for a lot of them and this turned out to be one of the most epic sessions of the whole trip. Tune in to see what a day on tour is like with the SC crew.

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SC Team Vs. MASSIVE Kinked Rail! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

For this episode in Santa Cruz’s ‘VERSUS’ series, Henry Gartland, Kevin Braun and Dylan Williams go to battle with a massive kink rail. 5-0, smith and feeble all went down the same day but each skater had their own process when it came to trying to make it out alive. We sit down with Henry Gartland to get his perspective as someone skating the rail and Emmanuel Guzman who was on the scene watching it all go down.

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For Screaming Vlog 12 gear up for a team challenge at the park! We spend the day in the van with Jereme Knibbs, Henry Gartland, SC Filmer Joe Perrin and as always SC TM Eric Palozzolo. Everyone gets a team challenge thrown at them and then afterward Jereme puts in time to get last minute tricks for Til The End Vol 5. How about that Henry slam?

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SCREAMING VLOG # 11: Hefty Wagers At Town Park! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Screaming Vlog # 11 starts off in the streets with Jereme Knibbs and Henry Gartland stacking clips like pancakes for Til The End Vol 5. Later, the crew heads south to meet up with Kevin Braun and Team Manager Eric Palozzolo for a session at Red Park before hitting the streets of San Jose. To cap it off, the gang finds themselves at DeFremery Skatepark in Oakland, CA where Pizz puts a hefty wager on a Fakie Flip for Knibbs. You won’t want to miss this one!

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