JENKEM – Hanging Out With… Sunny Suljic

If you’re like JENKEM, you first saw Sunny when the trailers for Mid90s dropped. His performance in the film was undeniably good, regardless of how you felt about the movie overall, and the role turned him into a bit of an overnight celeb. He got a lot of attention from kids who were fans of the movie, but it also put him in the spotlight as an up-and-coming skater with sponsors like Illegal Civ and Adidas.

In JENKEM’s newest Hanging Out With, they caught up with the 15-year-old and visited a psychic to see what’s projected to be next in line for him.

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Make the Call – a Jenkem DIY Tour with Levis

Four days, unlimited beers, and one trashed AirBnB later, Jenkem is proud to present “Make The Call”, a little video documenting skateboarding, spot building, and debauchery in the South with the Levi’s Skateboarding crew and our very own Fred Gall. Featuring Marius Syvanen, Dan Plunkett, Josh Matthews, Al Partanen, Pat Moran, Joey Pepper, Local homies, Bad behavior! and Fred Gall.

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