Full Skate Compilation Of 2018 – Red Bull

Red Bull brought you skating like no-one else does for another 12 straight months – now watch it wrapped up in Patrik Wallner’s blistering mega-edit! The idea behind Red Bull’s globe-trotting Skate Escape series has always been to do the other thing. Take on the bigger challenge. Going skating down the backstreets of this world of ours is always a rewarding experience – new spots, new faces and fast times.

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Red Bull – They Built A Skatepark Out Of Salt | Jaakko Ojanen’s White Desert

Jaako first travelled to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia about 20 years ago, as a tourist. He slept in a salt hotel, travelled around the salt flats and met the salt workers who had their own quarry and produced salt bricks.
Years later he started to think about skateboarding projects that would be different or out of the norm. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the first things that came to mind was the Uyuni salt flats and skating on them; but he wasn’t sure if this could be done. Jaakko did a little research and found out through videos and friends that the salt flats might be skateable. Watch and enjoy the fruits of his heavy labours!

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Skating Oregon’s Finest Custom Parks /w CJ Collins. | Ode to Concrete

CJ Collins hits the Pacific Northwest on a mission to find the best concrete skate spots the area has to offer in his first Red Bull skate part. From backyard bowls to Burnside, CJ puts on a show. He’s joined by Mark “Red” Scott, the founder and foreman at Dreamland Skateparks, whose fingerprint is all over the Oregon skate scene and the custom parks he’s built over the years. Cinematographer Jon Humphries, another Oregon skateboarding legend, put together this edit to showcase CJ on concrete

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The first ever slopestyle skate course. | Red Bull Roller Coaster 2018 in Munich, Germany

We bring you a first look at how it was made and how it skates, as the circus rolls into town at Red Bull Roller Coaster! Join Zion Wright and Jamie Foy as they present the new FIRST EVER Slopestyle Skate Course (or skateboarding assault course) built up in the German city of Munich, at the Olympic Park. As you are by now doubtless aware, the ever-excellent Munich Mash festival took place this weekend in the Bavarian capital – and this year it sees the debut of Red Bull Roller Coaster, a 300m long skateboarding assault course designed to establish who can best handle all-terrain business at breakneck speed.

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The skater who lost his vision, but not his passion. | Out of Frame w/ Dan Mancina

Prepare to be amazed, as we meet up with a skater who lost his vision, but never his passion.
Imagine that one day, at a young age, you’re told that something was wrong with your vision. Like a race against time, each day your vision deteriorates a little bit more until one day you wake up and, like that, your sight is gone. That’s exactly what happened to Dan Mancina, a skateboarder from Livonia, Michigan, just outside of Detroit.

How does someone skate when they’re blind? Simply put, at first, Mancina didn’t.

Grappling with the anxiety, fear and depression that accompanied his loss of vision, Mancina set aside his board, thinking that skating was part of his former life. He moved forward, doing everything he thought he should be doing as a blind person, but still felt a huge void.

That all changed one day when Mancina decided to film some random video clips of him doing things that he thought other people would assume blind people couldn’t do. One of those clips being of him skateboarding.

He posted the clip, it went viral, and he hasn’t put his board down since.

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