From San Juan to Ponce: Puerto Rico Part 3! Screaming Vlog 71 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Welcome back to Puerto Rico! Santa Cruz keeps things rolling this week as they gather the squad for some big ripping and bigger laughs in The Island of Enchantment. Join Maurio McCoy, Erick Winkowski, Fabiana Delfino, Kevin Braun, Jake Wooten, Jereme Knibbs & TMOTY Eric Palozzolo as they explore all the island life has to offer while SC Videographer Nick Hanson and fellow Master Lensman Harry Bergenfield capture all the magic go down behind the lens. You definitely won’t want to miss this one! Tap in on February 9th for the PR full length!!

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Spend a Day with Santa Cruz Pro Jake Wooten | Field Day – Red Bull

Jake Wooten has the highest energy of anyone on the session. The Tennessee transplant invited Santa Cruz to his apartment in Oceanside, California to tag along on a typical day in his life. In the morning, we sit in on a lesson in balcony herb gardening then hit up the insanely vast Poods Park for a session with Keegan Palmer and Toby Young.

Sticking with his ‘two outdoor activities a day’ mantra, Jake and the squad then roll over to Encinitas to shoot hoops in the late afternoon. How does he follow-up a heated game of 3-on-3? A stop at his go-to gourmet Korean barbecue spot for endless KBBQ (that he almost gets for free)!

Back home with his beloved cat Zula, Jake reflects on the differences between his Tennessee roots and the life of a newly-minted professional in the hothouse of Californian skating. Intelligent, thoughtful, gifted and charming, Jake Wooten has the world at his feet right now. Take ten minutes to get to know him above!

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Puerto Rico Part 2: Dodging Rain & Hidden Skateparks! Screaming Vlog 70 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Screaming Vlog 70 picks up where SC left off last week in Puerto Rico with the gang on the search for some serious stoke! We have Kevin Braun, Maurio McCoy, Fabiana Delfino, Jake Wooten, Jereme Knibbs & Erick Winkowski in the mix with SC Team Manager Eric Palozzolo & Master Lensmen Nick Hanson and Harry Bergenfield capturing all the magic behind the lens! You definitely WON’T want to miss this one! Tap in next week for PART 3!

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VX + Everslick?! What Does Justin Sommer Think So Far? ‘What I’m Riding’ | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Today we are stoked to link up with Justin Sommer at Newark Skatepark for Santa Cruz’s latest installment of ‘What I’m Riding’! In this series we will be rapping out with your favorite members of the SC squad and dig in to their current setup to learn all about what is currently under their hood. What size board does Justin ride? Does Justin consistently skate a specific shape? How long does he skate his boards for?! All of these questions and much much more are answered in Episode 8 filmed by Joey Digital!

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Erick Winkowski Skates With a Machete in Puerto Rico! Screaming Vlog 69 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

For Screaming Vlog 69 the SC gang touches down in Puerto Rico to film for an upcoming video project! We have Maurio McCoy, Kevin Braun, Fabiana Delfino, Jake Wooten, Jereme Knibbs & Erick Winkowski in the mix along with SC Team Manager Eric Palazollo & Master Lensmen Nick Hanson and Harry Bergenfield for some big ripping and bigger laughs with the whole squad. WARNING: Do not attempt to skate with a machete at home! Tap in next Saturday for part 2!

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Zions Effs Stacks Clips for Omar Massiah’s ‘Vice II’! Screaming Vlog 68 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Screaming Vlog 68 begins in Miami, FL to link up Zion Effs and Filmer Omar Massiah to film for Omar’s new video ‘Vice II’! Get to know Omar and learn about his & Zion’s friendship, and see what drives them both to make a quality full length skate video. Give ‘Vice II’ a watch to see the final project featuring our guy Zion!

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