BEAGLE Tapes: Episode 57 – Justin “Figgy” Figueroa and Andrew Reynolds

The USS Bullhead Memorial park in Albuquerque, New Mexico pays homage to the USS Bullhead submarine. It was the last US Navy ship sunk by enemy action. It met its fate on the same day that the Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, August 6, 1945. On the road to SXSW, the Altamont team makes a pitstop at this particular monument. Justin “Figgy” Figueroa wastes no time and gets Norrin Radd on the rail. After a few grinds and a 5-0, there is an internal discussion that 5-0 grind had already been performed on this particular rail by a specific local. Without hesitation, Figgy gets back up there and sinks a 5-0 180 out.

Continuing east towards Austin, TX, the team pulls over in a small town called Lubbock, the birthplace of Buddy Holly. Garret Hill finds a crusty kinked hubba and decides to test his luck. After a few attempts he sticks on the kink and comes down harder than the Beechcraft Bonanza on the Day The Music Died.

To lighten up the mood, the gang heads over to some brick quarter pipes. Shane Heyl and Figgy are feeling the presence of a Rock N’ Roll legend and conspired a new song while Justin Regan gets some big air, dog. Circa 2009 – BEAGLE

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Shane Heyl – Stop And Chat | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

We Stop And Chat with Shane Heyl to discuss quitting instagram for a year, skating Biebel’s park back in the day, starting Shake Junt, getting into slappy’s, skating Baker Boys park, how important his skate shop was growing up, his first time in a mag, BGP’s in a skate video, his wife filming clips of him, new Shake Junt video “Shrimp Blunt” in the works and much more!

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