Tony Hawk Pro Skater: Behind The Scenes | Skate | VANS

To celebrate the launch of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+ 2, the game’s iconic Warehouse level was re-created in real life, so Tony could skate this famed virtual spot in the real world.

Vans went behind the scene to capture what it took to be able to allow Tony to shred the physical re-creation of this virtual industrial paradise. From Covid restrictions to Chris Gregson’s key shot nearly being shut down; it was equally dramatic on both sides of the camera. Take a peek behind the curtain to understand everything that went into bringing this once-in-a-lifetime moment to life.

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Vans Cash Out | Skate | VANS

Vans’ French skate team had the chance to go on a Las Vegas adventure right before lockdown for some four-wheeled fun in the sun. Ten Frenchies shredding Sin City, what could go wrong? Cash out! Featuring Oscar Candon, Hugo Westrelin, Nabil Slimani, Sam Partaix, Nico Gisonno, Quentin Boillon, Mika Germond, Lilian Fev and Jessy Jean-Bat.

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Loveletter To LGBTQ+ | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

Vans’ Loveletters To LGBTQ+ was filmed earlier this year, before the passing of legendary skater and host Jeff Grosso, who was a champion for inclusive skateboarding. We believe this message of unity and equality must be told, and that all voices of the LGBTQ+ community deserve to be heard. Grounded in the brand values of inclusivity and being open to everyone, Vans believes this unifying message must be told, and stands in support of the LGBTQ+ Skate Community as we continue to drive positive change. – Vans

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Steve Van Doren’s Love Letter to Jeff Grosso | VANS

The collective skateboard world mourns the loss of our dear friend, Jeff Grosso. Our thoughts are with his family during this time.

“To say Jeff’s impact on Vans, our people and skateboarding was unparalleled, would be an underestimation of how much of a role he played in the lives of us all. From curating content that highlighted the global skate community, to his unique and raw commentary of the skate industry, and mentoring up-and-coming athletes – there was nothing that Jeff wouldn’t do to uplift skateboarding and the people around it. Jeff Grosso is the epitome of skateboarding”. — Steve Van Doren

Jeff Grosso 1968-2020 and forever.

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Loveletters: The Rowan Special w/Ronnie Sandoval | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS

What is a Caster Disaster? Who gets credit for the first Ollie? First grind on a handrail? Who was Grosso’s favorite skater in 1990? Best 360 flip? In this Special Edition Love Letter Grosso sits down with Vans’ newest signature pro, Rowan Zorilla, and San Pedro’s finest, Ronnie Sandoval, after a day of skating to see how much the youngsters know about this thing called skateboarding.

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