MCBL x VLCM | Macba Life & Volcom Collaboration Collection | Barcelona, Spain | Volcom Skate

Skateboarding’s realm is comprised of pushing mental and physical boundaries on their beloved four wheeled wood plank. Whether it be launching off the ground or above the lip of an empty pool, progression is the common denominator and spots are the benchmark of this evolution. MACBA Life and Volcom both share this passion for skateboarding and joined forces to celebrate one of the most iconic skate spots on earth: MACBA Barcelona. Shop the collection HERE.

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Alec Majerus’ Gnar-V – Positive Latitude – VOLCOM

Have you ever just wanted to buy a van and travel around the country doing whatever you want with your friends? That’s exactly what Alec Majerus did! In February of 2020 Alec took his ‘Gnar-V’ sprinter camper van from southern California all the way cross-country to Tampa, Florida for the annual Tampa Pro contest. With his friend and fellow ripper, Jared Cleland, Alec and the boys hit the road, skating all sorts of spots, travelling over 6,500 miles through 12 states in a little over 2 weeks!

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Embrace Change For This | Volcom

Since the beginning, our culture was created and motivated by one thing… change. In fact the magic is that every wave, every skate spot, every painting is different and constantly evolving. As we look ahead we are motivated to embrace change and build a New Future together. While we are equally cautious and concerned for the overall well-being of the human race and mother earth, we have no doubt that our collective creativity will be an engine of positive energy. Though these times are different, the only constant is change, let’s embrace it with an open mind.

Show us your passions (your THIS) and tell us how you’re embracing change. We want share your story with our followers on Instagram so use the hashtag #truetothis and mention @volcom so we can regram! – VOLCOM

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Skater & Dad, Jackson Pilz, Curates His Own Volcom Skateboarding Collection

In celebration of Jackson Pilz first curated Skateboard Collection for Volcom, we visit his home and dug deeper into why he chose this particular collection.

Living in a beautiful and quiet part of Australia’s Sunshine Coast with his fiancé Alana and daughter Olive, where they’ve created a lifestyle one could easily envy.
Jackson tells us that he created this collection to suit whatever a day Skating… or his daughter might throw at him.

For at home or on the road, shop Jackson’s curated selections HERE.

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Triple Quest Paris – Volcom

Invited skaters had to battle during 9 days for the VolcomTriple Quest in Paris in collaboration with Free Skate magazine, from September 11-19, 2019 to get a trick on each on the three chosen spots.

Heated sessions with skate buddies, sweat, beers and good times were had by all, as there was no one-minute-run stress or jam session hassle from “regular” skate comps.

Tons of tricks, including a couple NBDs, went down at the three spots: Creteil Ledges – The Volcom Stone place de la République – a two trick line at Le Dôme including the double set.

In the end only four winners claimed their bite at the 1000€ prize money under beer showers during the award party last Friday night…

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Teaser Triple Quest – Volcom

Volcom presents Triple Quest Paris, a truly out there skateboarding contest, September 11-19, Paris, France, in collaboration with Free skateboard magazine. Three spots, three tricks, One big week, 4 winners. 11000€ prize money! Invited competitors will have 9 days to skate the three following spots and post on Instagram their clip submissions including one trick at each of the three spots, tagging #VolcomTripleQuest

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Nine Club EXPERIENCE #60 – John Dilo, Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters, Volcom In NYC

Jeron Wilson and Daniel Castillo are sitting in we discuss Loveletters Season 10: Geoff Rowley, ‘Where Are We Going?!” Volcom Skate Team in New York City, Old Friends “Novia” video, John Dilo’s “Welcome to Almost” Part, Zumiez Best Foot Forward, FaceTime with Louie Barletta, picking a winner for last weeks raffle of the GoPro’s Hero 7 Black Edition with accessories, this weeks raffle is Old Friends workout/rehab bundle!

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