Zion Effs Shreds Huntington Beach – Hot Wheels Junior Series

Kids from around the country made the trip out to Huntington Beach, California to compete in the first stop of the 2019 Hot Wheels Junior Series. An open skateboard and BMX contest for kids 16 and under, where all ability levels are welcome!

Take a behind the scenes look at the first stop of the Junior Series through the eyes of competitors Zion Effs, Myles Strampello, Dax Beck, Kaden Stone, Gavin Bottger and more!

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Manny Santiago at Woodward West

Pro skateboarder Manny Santiago is no stranger to Woodward. In between competing in Street League Skateboarding and his travels around the world, Manny has visited multiple Woodward locations to spend time with summer campers and sample some of the world’s best skate parks. His fun loving and positive attitude, combined with his stylish, technical skating, makes him one of the campers’ favorite special guests.

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Dickies + The Harold Hunter Foundation at Woodward PA

Dickes paired up with the Harold Hunter Foundation to provide two lucky kids the opportunity of a lifetime, a week of skateboard camp at Woodward PA. Making the trip out from New York City, Rashard Peppers and Nicholas Ponce joined us for Week 12 and got to skate with Jamie Foy, Allysha Le, Vincent Alvarez, Jake Johnson, Tom Knox, Jake Hayes, Ronnie Sandoval and Zack Wallin of the Dickies Skate team.

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