You Can Make History – Long Live Southbank

In 2015, Long Live Southbank’s award-winning film ‘You Can’t Move History, You Can Secure the Future’ looked at young people’s engagement with cultural heritage through the example of the Long Live Southbank (LLSB) campaign to save the Undercroft skate space. Since the end of 2015, the relationship between the Southbank’s communities and policymakers has improved dramatically. LLSB’s new film, You Can Make History, documents the ongoing project to restore previously closed-off areas of the Undercroft, and the changes in the relationship between young people and policymakers on London’s Southbank. As well as showcasing the progress made by LLSB, it allows Southbank Centre management a space to articulate their experience of moving towards a more positive and collaborative relationship with the Long Live Southbank campaign. In doing so it asks questions about young people and their relationship with cultural heritage, the communications flow between grassroots and more formal organisations and the relationship between skating, art and academia.

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