Get An Inside Look At The Philly Skate Scene | GREETINGS FROM: PHILADELPHIA

Skating in Philadelphia is hard. Rugged terrain, uneven sidewalks, and every weather condition imaginable is hurled at skaters whose goal is to thrash the City of Brotherly Love. “The streets are rough. The spots are rough. There’s a lot you’ve got to battle,” says Kerry Getz, owner of iconic Philly skate shop, Nocturnal. But adversity breeds creativity and that’s the message “Greetings From Philadelphia” communicates loud and clear.

The “Greetings From” series takes a deep dive into the skateboarding culture of some of the world’s most iconic cities. Not just the terrain—the gaps and the rails—but also the soul of the people that drive the scene, and the history that has shaped the lifestyle today. With episodes shot in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Marseille and more, Greetings From Philadelphia’s is a 16-minute visual tour of one of the United States’ most historic cities.

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