The Story Of Ethiopia’s New Skate Scene | SKATE TALES Ep 4 – Red Bull

For episode four of Skate Tales, Madars hightails it to Ethiopia to meet the skate crew building a scene from scratch in one of the world’s oldest countries. The story of Ethiopia Skate is as real as it gets: from a parking lot in Addis Ababa, Henok Yetbarek, Michael Baheru, Ruel Desta, Babure ‘Babu G’ Teferi, Yeabkal Abraham and Yared Gobezie started a skate movement which would snowball with the help of two American skaters, JT Rhoades and Sean Stromsoe. Within 3 years they would link up with Make Life Skate Life to build Ethiopia’s first free skatepark in the capital, and a year later they would double down on their success by building a second in Awassa. Nowadays Ethiopia Skate has 150 skaters enlisted from around the country, and has registered as a non- profit in the USA meaning they can accept tax- deductible donations to keep their skatehouse open, build more terrain and, as Sean tells Madars ‘create more opportunity through skateboarding’. Madars came by to build and inspire, listen and learn in a beautiful one from the Skate Tales storybook.

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Pedro Barros Skates The Untouched Architecture Of Oscar Niemeyer | CONCRETE DREAMS – Red Bull

Pedro Barros & Murilo Peres get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to roll on the fabled curves of some undisputed masterpieces of Brazilian architecture!

Oscar Niemeyer remains one of the most important architectures in modern history. Click play and watch Concrete Dreams – a never to be repeated collaboration between the artist’s estate and Red Bull which allows us to savour the majestic forms of an unbridled architectural genius in the way only skateboarders can.

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Skate Life In The Philippines With Margielyn Didal | FIELD DAY

Professional Skateboarders lead a seemingly charmed life – from demos, to signings, to photoshoots, to hitting the streets for the next video part, pro skaters are considered to have the best job on earth (well, at least to us skateboarders).

However, when the tours end and the contest season has mellowed out, it’s always good to be back home and enjoy skateboarding in its greatest form: low-stress, no-deadlines, and with the good homies. This is what “Field Day” is all about.

In this episode of FIELD DAY, we tag along with Margie Didal in her hometown of Cebu City, Philippines to get a tour of her home, catch a sesh at the local skate spot, and chill with the locals.

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Party at Bam Margera’s House | SKATE TALES Ep 1

Welcome indeed to Skate Tales, Madars Apse’s new series journeying through skateboarding’s wilder shores. Madars Apse begins his trip by traveling to Pennsylvania to meet up with the iconic Bam Margera and check out his skate barn and a brand new ramp. Bam invited Madars and the ripping Loy brothers, Ethan and David, to check out some of his old stomping grounds, like Philadelphia’s iconic Love Park. That was followed by a trip to his brand-new indoor park during an open-house skate party with some of the Westchester locals.

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Welcome To Madars Apse’s Global Underground | SKATE TALES Trailer

Welcome to Skate Tales, Madars Apse’s new series journeying through skateboarding’s wilder shores.

Madars’s passion for skateboarding is there for all to see: the multi-talented, easy-going Latvian master has brought a new dimension of creativity and flow to the world of professional skating. From his very earliest times in skating, though, Madars was always intrigued by the outliers and misfits – the skaters that other skaters are terrified of. Being such a unique individual himself, this is Madars’s world and so we joined up with him on a global search for the skateboarding stories you don’t hear every day.

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Joey Brezinski & Crew Review Leucadia Skatepark | Official Skatepark Review

Season 2 of Official Skatepark Review continues with Joey Brezinski, Rip & special guest Kenny Hoyle checking out Leucadia Skatepark aka The Ash Tray. From the tiny rounded quarter pipe to the ride on grinds, Leucadia doesn’t have much but its still a fun little park. So if you come visit it make sure to come with low expectations and ready to make something out of nothing.

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