Skate & Explore | Best Of Red Bull Skateboarding 2019

Skateboarding is a 360° affair: all over the world, through every season, from thriving on cold winters to high-summer scorcher sessions, you’re either in or you’re out. The last 12 months have been a headlong rush of trips, events and projects for Red Bull Skateboarding. As well as hosting their year’s biggest project with the release of Red Bull’s first full- length skate video, You Good?, in early December, Red Bull’s channel brought a year’s worth of unique skate clips week-by-week. We explored all types of terrain and parts of the world we have never been to. From Taiwan to Estonia and Paraguay to Tasmania, we rocked the bells right around the world all through 2019!

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Red Bull – California Skateboarding Through The Lens Of Tim Cisilino | VIDEOFOLIO

Tim Cisilino managed to get a big break. He grew up in sleepy Walnut Creek, an inland Californian town not far from Oakland in the north of the state. Cisilino was skating with Corey Duffel among others when he decided to move to Tucson, Arizona.

Highly regarded Pro skater Aaron Suski had by coincidence also moved to Tucson, and that synchronicity or serendipity or what- have-you led to one of an early breaks in the game: filming for Emerica’s seminal Stay Gold in 2010.

One thing led to another, and now Tim works at Emerica, lives in Long Beach and films some of the gnarliest skateboarding going down at this moment in time.
This is the heaviest Videofolio of them all – check it out above!

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Red Bull – Step Inside The Modern Paris Skate Scene | GREETINGS FROM PARIS, FRANCE

Even though Paris has a deep skateboarding history, it’s only quite recently that the French capital has become a must-visit city for any skater looking to collect footage or just have a good time. The rebuilding of Place de la République, the skate/fashion explosion and the will of the city to make more public spaces accessible to skateboarders have clearly all been factors in this Parisian skate renaissance. Guillaume Perimony takes us on a tour through the cosmopolitan skate life of the resurgent French capital in his short film Greetings from Paris.

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Is The Berrics Really The Best Skatepark? | Official Skatepark Review

In Joey Brezinski’s Official Skatepark Review, we tag along with Joey and his incognito friend “Rip” to check out some of the best and worst skateparks in Southern California. SoCal is the hub for skateparks; from plazas to pre-fabs, from professionally-built to poorly-constructed, Joey and Rip will hook you up with a guide to the best and worst skateparks the “skate capital of the world” has to offer.

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The Future of Skateboarding | PUSHING FORWARD – Red Bull

What is the future of skateboarding? Where does this world that we hold so sacred go from here? In this episode of Pushing Forward, Red Bull talked to Zion Wright, Ryan Lay, Chris Pastras, Andrew Shrock and more to get a look at how we’ll be rolling into skateboarding’s new frontiers. Contests, training, media, the skate industry, they’re all changing — so how do we embrace skateboarding’s future without forgetting its past?

In 2020, skateboarding is set to enter the mainstream on a global scale like it never has before — in Pushing Forward, we’re asking and answering the real, authentic and relevant questions that define the present day state of skate before it changes forever.

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Red Bull – Explore The Mean Streets Of Paraguay w/ Tyler Surrey & Crew | HEARTBEATS TO HEAVEN TOUR Part 2

Having said goodbye to the local skaters of the Paraguayan capital Asunción, Red Bull’s intrepid skateboard squadron of Tyler Surrey, Giovanni Vianna, Max Habanec and Angelo Caro hit the road once again towards the city of Ciudad del Este on the Paraguayan side of the country’s triple border with both Brazil and Argentina.

The city was bustling with activity; people were selling and buying stuff everywhere and like everywhere else in Paraguay, the ground was super-rough.

Join Red Bull in Part Two as they explore the Paraguayan city Ciudad del Este and even cross the border into Brazil!

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Skate Paraguay with Angelo Caro, Tyler Surrey & Crew | HEARTBEATS TO HEAVEN TOUR Part 1

Paraguay isn’t the most conventional destination to go on a skate tour. Located in the heart of South America, this small but welcoming country of around seven million people experienced its first ever pro skate tour recently, when for 12 days a crew consisting of Angelo Caro, Maxim Habanec, Tyler Surrey and Giovanni Vianna touched down to meet the local skaters who’ve created their own tiny, but ripping, skate-scene. Check out Part One above and join us on Part Two of the Heartbeats To Heaven tour coming soon!

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