Stop Four: Minneapolis, Minnesota | Red Bull CORNERSTONE 2019 – Red Bull

All roads lead to Minneapolis as the first annual Red Bull Cornerstone series came to an end this past weekend. Familia HQ, widely considered the gem of the Midwest, hosted the 4th and final Qualifier event on Saturday where the top 6 men and top 3 women of the day advanced to join pre-qualified skaters from the Lincoln, Kansas City, and St. Louis stops in the the Series Finals on Sunday.

Saturday’s Qualifier was the biggest event of the series with nearly 70 competitors turning out. Once again, skaters from surrounding states and beyond made the journey for their last chance at clinching a spot in Sunday’s Finals. Cornerstone is one of the only contests in the U.S. where amateur skaters can earn some serious cash, and with $15,000 up for grabs, no place in the nation is too far away. Just ask Kristin Ebeling who flew in from Seattle, WA just for the contest! A very wise decision by her as it turns out. When the dust finally settled after a hard fought contest on Saturday, it was Minneapolis locals Jonathon Reese, Logan Mozey, and Benny Milam in the top spots for men’s, and Dana Jeck, Kristin Ebeling, and Deej Redoble on the podium for women’s.

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An Eastern European Skate Movement | GREETINGS FROM SOFIA, BULGARIA – Red Bull

The skate scene in Sofia has developed and flourished in almost total isolation from outside awareness until relatively recently. Prior to 1989, Bulgaria lay behind the Iron Curtain, a postwar demarcation of Communist states collectively known as the Eastern Bloc.

Sofia has a magic to it as a city. It doesn’t have endless spots, but it’s a city so old that they can’t dig down in it without finding yet another civilization. The winters are just brutal, but the opening of 5-High Skatepark on the fifth floor of a funky converted industrial unit means the locals can skate all year round for the first time.

Watch our zip around the skate scene of one of Europe’s last great undiscovered cities to experience what Sofia has to offer.

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Hitting the NEW Chevy Chase Skatepark | Official Skatepark Review – Red Bull

In Joey Brezinski’s Official Skatepark Review, we tag along with Joey and his incognito friend “Rip” to check out some of the best and worst skateparks in Southern California. SoCal is the hub for skateparks; from plazas to pre-fabs, from professionally-built to poorly-constructed, Joey and Rip will hook you up with a guide to the best and worst skateparks the “skate capital of the world” has to offer.

In this episode, Joey and Rip head over to Chevy Chase Skatepark to see what the park has to offer.

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Stop Three: St. Louis, Missouri | Red Bull CORNERSTONE 2019

The third Qualifying stop of the Red Bull Cornerstone series went down on a brand new street course at Sk8 Liborius – a skatepark in a church in St. Louis, Missouri.

Like the previous two stops in Lincoln and Kansas City, skaters from all over the Heartland made their way to the contest to try their luck at the podium and secure a spot in the Finals event in Minneapolis on October 6.

It was another event for the books and the top 6 Men and the top 3 Women from Saturday’s contest have all earned a spot in the Final’s event at Familia Skatepark in Minneapolis on October 6th. The Cornerstone qualifier series continues with Stop 4 at Familia on October 5, one day before the Final event!

Check out the Stop Three recap above and stay tuned for more from the Red Bull Cornerstone series!

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California’s Fearless Four-Wheeled Pilot: Willy Lara | CHECKOUT – Red Bull

Due to his early accomplishments and world travel, most people would think that Willy is older than 21 years of age – but that’s not the case.

In 2019, he took the year off from contest skating and stayed close to home, skating with friends like in the old days. During that time he’s been able to focus and film regularly, something that he didn’t have time for in the last few years because of a hectic touring schedule.

Soon you’ll be seeing the video parts Willy has been working on and hopefully he’ll blow you away just like he did in past releases. I’m betting they are going to be solid, because Willy is the type of skater you just love seeing roll. In the meantime take a look at his Checkout video for a taste of whats to come.

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What Really Happens At A Skate Contest – Red Bull

It is genuinely unbelievable how many things can go wrong while running a skate contest. Spilt-drink slipouts. What time’s my run? The police are here. Where’s the judge? Someone in the crowd has fainted. I think I missed my run. Can my brother get a wristband? Lost boards. What time’s my run, again?

We mic’d up some of the skaters involved in the Vans Park Series stop in Chelles, France and the Red Bull Bowl Rippers in Marsielle for backstage antics and crapshoots from the platform of two back-to-back skate events during summer in Europe.

Press play to get an inside scoop on what really happens at a skate contest!

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From Playing Soccer in Brazil to Skating Stadiums in NYC | Felipe Gustavo: ALL ON ME

Growing up as a kid in Brazil, Felipe Gustavo dreamed of becoming a famous soccer player like his heroes Pele and Neymar. That is, until he picked up a skateboard and found his true calling. Now, living in the United States, Felipe has not only become one of the top street skaters in the world, but a household name back in his homeland. In this short video Felipe reflects on his childhood love of soccer, and takes full advantage of an opportunity to skate the New York Red Bull Arena.

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Exploring West Africa On A Skateboard With Jaws, Barney Page & Crew | THE GREEN CAPE Part One – Red Bull

There are over 1.2b people living in Africa at the moment. With skateboarding reaching the ends of the earth, from northern Russia to the Maldives, Uruguay to the Galapagos Islands, it only makes sense that, with such a large population, Africa should boast some respectable skate scenes as well, right?

Red Bull partnered up with Luke Jackson of South Africa’s ever-excellent Session Skate Magazine and set sail with Barney Page, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, Dakota Servold and Yann Horowitz to explore some of these burgeoning scenes, enrolling Patrik Wallner behind the lens to document the experience for sharing.

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A Day In The Life Of Joey Brezinski | FIELD DAY – Red Bull

Professional Skateboarders lead a seemingly charmed life – from demos, to signings, to photoshoots, to hitting the streets for the next video part, pro skaters are considered to have the best job on earth (well, at least to us skateboarders).

However, when the tours end and the contest season has mellowed out, it’s always good to be back home and enjoy skateboarding in its greatest form: low-stress, no-deadlines, and with the good homies. This is what FIELD DAY is all about.

Join us as we roll around Los Angeles with Joey Brezinski to save dogs, skate a demo, play golf, and more!

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