Go Skateboarding Day 2018 – Ambush Board Co.

Without fail, every year “Go Skateboarding Day” sneaks up on us. Could you blame us? It always seems as though the day just passed. Why shouldn’t we get deja vu since we consider every day “Go Skateboarding Day.” Truthfully, nothing outside the ordinary happens on June, 21st. Sure, there are a few special events, some sanctioned by the governing board of the International Association of Skateboard Companies, and other events that aren’t trademarked. Regardless, to me the day always tends to feel about the same wherever it’s observed. That’s because, at its core, “Go Skateboarding Day” is just another day revolving around kicking it with friends both new and old and celebrating the ever continuous joy of riding a useless wooden toy. The spirit of the day is truly infectious. Although, with all due respect, if the freestyler brainiacs that make up the IASC (in all their infinite wisdom) could pick a shorter day next time around, maybe, my sunburn won’t be so bad. – Ambush Board Co.

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