Skatepark Turned Board Game – How We Made ‘The Maze’ w/ Madars Apse, Vladik Scholz & Crew

A man ever on the hunt for new challenges and terrains, German ripper Vladik Scholz linked up with master skatepark craftsman Andreas Schutzenberger to roll out a pioneering indoor skatepark project: a hydraulic tilting skatepark labyrinth known as The Maze. Based on the ubiquitous childhood marble game of yore, Schutzi’s 40-ton, 21 sq m skatepark creation is suspended 3m into the air on a series of hydraulic jacks which make the floor slope in any chosen direction – even as you skate it!

Press play to go behind the scenes with Vladik & Andreas to find out how they made this amazing one-of-a-kind skatepark.

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