“The Chocolate Tour” Full Video | Chocolate Skateboards (1999)

It’s the summer of 1999 and what the Chocolate team thinks will be a normal skateboarding tour across the USA, turns into a race against time with a new set of rules… Brushes with the law, forgery and fraud are just a few of the startling mis-adventures the Chocolate Brotherhood have on their way to saving the only other family they’ve ever known – the Girl team. Armed with a healthy respect for their elders, and a strong sense of camaraderie, the Chocolate team faces the overwhelming responsibility of being the last hope for their Girl brothers… or are they?

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The Nicknames Series | Chocolate Skateboards

On this Season of “Chocolate Skateboards”, the Nicknames Series! A new twist on a classic series, featuring the Chocolate team as they embark together on adventures for great spots, cold brews and good times.

Starring: Raven Tershy as “Couch”, Jesus Fernandez as “Father”, Rolando Brenes as “The Cheeks”, Kenny Anderson as “Skiduls”, Chris Roberts as “CRob”, Vincent Alvarez as “Vinsanity”, Stevie Perez as “Flaco”, Justin Eldridge as “Eldy” and Jonathon Cruz as “Yonnie”.

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“Yeah Right!” Full Video

Crailtap throws it back to 2003 re-releasing the infamous “Yeah Right!” video in full featuring Brandon Biebel, Magic Board Skit, Brian Anderson, Marc Johnson, Chocolate Skateboards, Mike Yrok, Justin Eldridge, Gino Iannucci, Owen Wilson, Robbie McKinley, Paul Rodriguez, Jereme Rogers, Mike Carroll, Rick McCrank, Invisible Board Skit, and Eric Koston.

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