Zion Effs Challenges Maurio McCoy To Kickflip Duel! Timeline Talk | Santa Cruz Skateboards Minions

Tune into one of the most positive and stoked kids we’ve ever met. Zion Effs not only walks the walk but he can talk the talk. Here Joe Perrin, SC Video Producer, and Eric Palozzolo, SC Team Manager, hit him with the tough questions about tricks he’s learning, who is favorite minion and who has a better kick flip, Zion or Maurio McCoy.

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Maurio McCoy True Grit: From humble beginnings to the world stage – Santa Cruz

From humble beginnings all the way to the world stage, this True Grit features Maurio McCoy. Last year we made our way out to the east coast to spend time with Maurio and his family in his hometown of Reading Pennsylvania.

Located about half way between Philadephia and Harrisburg, the states capital, Reading is the site of the now defunct Reading Railroad, the same one that you may have purchased in your most recent game of Monopoly. Over the course of the cities history it has seen good days and bad but there I no question that to make it out it takes perseverance. To learn more about his roots, drive and how he became the incredible skater and person he is today check out this True Grit.

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Maurio & Braun skate in their first Pro Contest // Tampa Pro 2019

Get an inside look at the world of a Pro Contest! Hang out with the Santa Cruz team in Tampa, Florida as Maurio McCoy & Kevin Braun skate their first Tampa Pro along with Tom Asta, Blake Johnson, Eric Dressen, Tom Remillard, and Jake Wooten who won the Converse Concrete Jam! This team has a strong bond and it really shines through in this behind the scenes video.

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