Venice vs The World | Blake Johnson True Grit

Life comes at all of us differently. Some people use their situation as an excuse and others use it to fuel their fire. Blake accomplished his dreams of becoming a pro skater through what some would seem to be an impossible goal. Hear his close friends and family members talk about how Blake got to where he is today. This is Blake Johnson’s True Grit.

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Maurio McCoy True Grit: From humble beginnings to the world stage – Santa Cruz

From humble beginnings all the way to the world stage, this True Grit features Maurio McCoy. Last year we made our way out to the east coast to spend time with Maurio and his family in his hometown of Reading Pennsylvania.

Located about half way between Philadephia and Harrisburg, the states capital, Reading is the site of the now defunct Reading Railroad, the same one that you may have purchased in your most recent game of Monopoly. Over the course of the cities history it has seen good days and bad but there I no question that to make it out it takes perseverance. To learn more about his roots, drive and how he became the incredible skater and person he is today check out this True Grit.

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260 Lbs.VS. 100 Stairs: The Santa Cruz Unbreakable VX Skateboard Deck Wear Test

When CCS heard Santa Cruz had made a nearly unbreakable skateboard deck they knew that their resident board breaker, Matt Price had to put it to the test. Since he hadn’t skated off more than a curb in a few years, CCS thought it would be fitting to have him Ollie 100 stairs on one of the new VX decks. Even in three stair increments, this was no easy feat on the knees, or the board. These things really live up to the hype though. Watch the vid then pick one up at!

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