100 Kickflips In The Nike SB x NBA Bruin Low With Bobby Worrest and Trevor McCune

“Ever since we started doing these 100 Kickflip videos we’ve had a ton of people asking to do their own so we partnered with Nike SB to offer someone that very chance! Out of 1300 people tagging their best kickflips on Instagram it was Trevor McCune of Bakersfield CA who took the top prize. We flew Trevor up to Portland so he could do his very own 100 Kickflip challenge at the Nike SB park with Bobby Worrest in a new NBA edition Bruin shoe. It turns out he’s really, really good so this was not that hard for him… Check out the Bruin low as well as a ton of other Nike SB product at CCS now, and MAJOR congrats to Trevor for blowing our minds!” – CCS

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