“Sunday Hardware is a skater owned brand out of Sydney, Australia started by our good friend George Kousoulis. We have been fans of Sunday for a while now, and the reasons are pretty obvious… just look at their pro line up… Jake Hayes, Dane Burman, Gabriel Summers, Dean Palmer, and Chima Ferguson… they all ride for Thunder!

Chima and I had chatted about doing a Sunday x Thunder collab a few times, and we finally got around to making it happen. George handled the camera and edit, in between shifts at Lodown Skate Shop, and the crew went to work on their favorite Aussie spots. These boys put a lot into filming for this video, so enjoy!

Since Sunday Hardware is only available at skate shops in Australia, at least for the time being, we felt it only fitting that the New Thunder X Sunday Hardware LTD Collection should be an Australia only release as well. Cheers!” – Christian Alexander (Thunder Brand Manager)

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VANS APAC: Shikumen | Skate | VANS

Vans Asia rented a “Shikumen”, an old Shanghai lane house, for a month and invited the Vans team from all over the world to explore the city. Staying in week-long shifts, the team from the USA, France, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan cruised around with the Vans China team as they skated the city of marble, devouring xiaolongbaos and dodging scooters along the way. Featuring Chima Ferguson, Jesse Noonan, Jackson Pilz, Juwon Eun, Chris Bradley, Piet Guilfoyle, Azreen Azman, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Victor Pellegrin, Jeremy Hu, CK, Xiao Jun, Fifa Tintarn, Jerm Sothichai, Shogo Zama, Mario Palandeng, Zhenya Buzukin, Mike Lee, Justin Henry, and Pedro Delfino. Filmed and edited by Tommy Zhao and Liu Maomao.

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**2016 SLS Nike SB Pro Open List**

Two new pros will qualify onto the SLS roster joining the SLS Nike SB World Tour, and one overall winner takes home a Golden Ticket straight into the SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship. Blake Carpenter, Boo Johnson, Chima Ferguson, Ben Nordberg, Alec Majerus, Chris Pfanner, Curren Caples, Dane Vaughn, Dave Bachinsky, Donovan Piscopo, Karsten Kleppan, Louie Lopez, Madars Apse, Max Geronzi, Sewa Kroetkov, Youness Amrani, Nick Tucker, Rowan Zorilla, Tiago Lemos, Tommy Fynn, Nakel Smith, and more.

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World Tour Episode 1 | House of Vans | VANS

Vans is celebrating 50 years by taking House of Vans all around the world all year long. We kicked it off on March 16th at House of Vans Brooklyn in New York with Nas, Skate Team Riders Chima Ferguson, Anthony Van Engelen, Daniel Luther, Steve Caballero, and more, plus Vans Surf Team Riders Dane Reynolds, Nathan Fletcher, and Leila Hurst. Then the crew packed up and flew across the ocean to keep the party going at House of Vans London with Rat Boy, Vans Skate Team Riders Christian Hosoi, Chris Russell and more.

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