Introducing The Henry Gartland Foundation | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Turning someone pro starts long before the actual debut of their first pro board. With Henry Gartland, we had been working on this behind the scenes since the start of 2019. As he continued to push his skating, we all got a front row seat to watch him become the pro that we all knew he would be. When Henry left us back in January it was a loss not only to all of us that were close to him, but to the skate community around the world. Although we are still working through this we want you to know that the support and love from everyone out there has been incredible.

It is at the request of the family that we move forward with the release of Henry’s pro boards. The proceeds of which will be donated to The Henry Gartland Foundation. Henry’s father, Eric, explains that the foundation will focus specifically on brain health. We ask that you please visit the website and follow their instagram for updates and to learn more.

The first boards will available around the end of May, which is subject to change. We appreciate your patience and will be releasing 3 decks total for Henry in 2021.

In our hearts forever E Henry Gartland

Please visit for more info.

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SCREAMING VLOG # 11: Hefty Wagers At Town Park! | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Screaming Vlog # 11 starts off in the streets with Jereme Knibbs and Henry Gartland stacking clips like pancakes for Til The End Vol 5. Later, the crew heads south to meet up with Kevin Braun and Team Manager Eric Palozzolo for a session at Red Park before hitting the streets of San Jose. To cap it off, the gang finds themselves at DeFremery Skatepark in Oakland, CA where Pizz puts a hefty wager on a Fakie Flip for Knibbs. You won’t want to miss this one!

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SNEAK PEEK VX EVERSLICK WITH HENRY GARTLAND! Product Challenge | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Today we take you behind the scenes for some NEW product development and put to the test the all new VX EVERSLICK decks. Santa Cruz is skating the 9 inch boat shape with both their VX technology AND Everslick on the bottom. The VX makes this board stronger and snappier than any other deck on the market and the Everslick adds a further and faster slide on top of that. These boards are not available right now but we are hoping to release them sometime next year if people are interested in a board THIS teched out. In this video we break down the details on each of the products and why they are great. Then we put Santa Cruz Brand Manager Andrew Cannon and Santa Cruz Am Henry Gartland to the test with three different challenges.

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Henry Gartland Explains How He Can Try Anything! TIMELINE TALK: TTEV4 | Santa Cruz Skateboards

You’ve seen Henry Gartland’s TIL THE END VOL 4 part. You’ve seen the attempts, the slams and battles in the Raw and Uncut. Now you can hear all about what it was like to film this straight from the man himself. Learn more about what it’s like to film a video part while traveling the world and attempting to finish it in the time of Covid-19. These stories are priceless.

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Back In These Skreets In No Time! Henry Gartland: Timeline Talk | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Henry Gartland has been on a sick one ever since he stepped foot on a skateboard. From King of The Groms to his first trip with the SC crew, this dude never backs down from a spot- no matter how intimidating the terrain might be. From San Jose to Barcelona, Post up with Henry, Pizzle, & Joey P as the gang resists Henry’s Til The End Vol 1 part.

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Henry Gartland’s AM Part: RAW & UNCUT | Santa Cruz Skateboards

There are some people that you meet in this world that are just on a different level. From the moment we met Henry Gartland, as a young guy at Damn Am in Atlanta, we knew he had it. He has always been a great person to be around and he had that lack of fear that sometimes stresses us out haha. But we truly love him and we are so stoked that he is a part of Santa Cruz. Here is the first footage we put out of him in our Am Video that got people going, who is this kid?! At the time, we were trying to see who was going to pull through so we asked all the flow riders to send us 3 – 5 tricks to put in the video. Henry just kept sending us gnarlier and gnarlier footage every few days and it was apparent that he needed to have more footage in this video. We love when people take advantage of an opportunity. You’re a real one Henry! Enjoy. – Santa Cruz

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Henry Gartland: True Grit | Santa Cruz Skateboards

Life comes at all of us differently. Some people use their situation as an excuse and others use it to fuel their fire. Henry hails from Minnesota, where he found skateboarding as an escape. Henry’s skateboarding has now brought him to Los Angeles with some of the top sponsors in the game, but the road wasn’t necessarily easy. This is Henry Gartland’s True Grit.

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