Henry Gartland’s AM Part: RAW & UNCUT | Santa Cruz Skateboards

There are some people that you meet in this world that are just on a different level. From the moment we met Henry Gartland, as a young guy at Damn Am in Atlanta, we knew he had it. He has always been a great person to be around and he had that lack of fear that sometimes stresses us out haha. But we truly love him and we are so stoked that he is a part of Santa Cruz. Here is the first footage we put out of him in our Am Video that got people going, who is this kid?! At the time, we were trying to see who was going to pull through so we asked all the flow riders to send us 3 – 5 tricks to put in the video. Henry just kept sending us gnarlier and gnarlier footage every few days and it was apparent that he needed to have more footage in this video. We love when people take advantage of an opportunity. You’re a real one Henry! Enjoy. – Santa Cruz

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