The Day: Enjoi

Watching Bag Of Suck on repeat got us nostalgic for a little San Jose trip. So we hopped a flight to Silicon Valley and booked a room at the legendary Tiltmode Mansion. We were lovingly welcomed by the mansion’s owner and proprietor, Louie Barletta with a warm couch to sleep on and some cool beverages to quench our thirst. We hit some parks, some streets, and even some arcades and bowling alleys before our day was over. We got the full Enjoi V.I.P. treatment! The crew was Louie, Caswell Berry, Jackson Pilz, Mike Adamov, Zack Wallin, Jose Rojo, and of course Ben Raemers. Bless his soul, little Ben couldn’t find any hardware all day long so he didn’t get to skate with us. He may actually still be looking for some now, so if you see Ben in the streets, be a dear and give him a few nuts or a bolt.

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