The TOA Top Twelve is back with a very topical Brooklyn Banks post for your quarantined eyes. Since it’s virtually impossible to make a “Best Tricks” list for a spot so historical as the Brooklyn Banks, we decided to lighten it up a bit and make a list of our favorite clips from the long, long history of the incredible spot. Although a TON of amazing stuff has gone down w/in the property lines of the Banks, we picked the clips that have either been the most memorable to us or were so amazing we couldn’t leave them off the list. And since we can’t ever make up our minds completely, we added an “Honorable Mentions” section so we could squeeze a few more into the mix to make sure we didn’t leave out any classics. Do you agree with our list? What did we forget? Let us know in the comments. – Theories of Atlantis.

In order of appearance the skaters featured are: Eric Koston, Rob Welsh, Tim O’Connor, Brian Wenning, Jamie Thomas, Austin Gyllete, Stevie Williams, Jake Johnson, Zered Bassett, Josh Kalis and Quim Cardona.

The Honorable Mentions featured are: Mike Carroll, Javier Nunez, Mark Gonzales, Quim Cardona, Josh Kalis, Gino Ianucci, Jake Johnson, Keith Denley, Fred Gall and Jason Dill.

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Nike SB | Best of 2019

The best from Nike Skateboarding in 2019. Featuring Yuto Horigome, Leo Baker, Leticia Bufoni, Elissa Steamer, Sarah Meurle, Hayley Wilson, Aori Nishimura, Nicole Hause, Josi Millard, Rayssa Leal, Willis Kimbell, Lance Mountain, Mathias Torres, Antonio Durao, Gustavo Servin, Kevin Bradley, Caleb Barnett, Vincent Touzery, Guy Mariano, Ishod Wair, Kevin Terpening, Dashawn Jordan, Wieger Van Wageningen, Daniel Lebron, Luan Oliveira, Lucas Rabelo, Pamela Rosa, Bobby Worrest, Cyrus Bennett, Mason Silva, Max Palmer, Jacopo Carozzi, Karsten Kleppan, Ville Wester, Hjalte Halberg, Nick Boserio, Andrew Wilson, Emile Laurent, Oskar Rozenberg, Eric Koston, Adrian Del Campo, Rowan Davis, Noah Nayef, Ben Lawrie, Josh Pall, Jack O’Grady, Carlos Ribeiro, Hugo Boserup, Grant Taylor, Stefan Janoski, Casper Brooker, Donovon Piscopo, Kyron Davis, Sean Malto, Daan Van Der Linden and Blake Carpenter.

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ERIC KOSTON: The State of Skateboarding | X Games

Skateboarding legend Eric Koston has been a sneaker head since first visiting Japan at age 19. As a teenage skateboarder, finding affordable footwear that worked for street skateboarding was not as easy as it is today. Before the dawn of signature skate shoes, Koston and friends would search for new, old stock of Nikes to skate in. In hindsight, Koston now realizes that those teenage searches for Nikes influenced his rise through skateboarding.

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Nike SB | LA Skateparks Edit

The SB team met up to check out what LA’s newest parks have to offer. Featuring Stefan Janoski, Donovon Piscopo, Mason Silva, Grant Taylor, Josh Pall, Jack O’Grady, Carlos Ribeiro, Robert Neil, Guy Mariano, Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Blake Carpenter and Hugo Boserup at Chevy Chase, El Sereno and Lake Street parks.

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Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez Go One-On-One | X Games

Greater Los Angeles area residents Eric Koston and Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez grew up skating the streets of Los Angeles. From the feel of the concrete to the array of street spots, both Nike SB pros discuss their affinity for the West Coast, as well as their favorite home team, the L.A. Lakers. Narrated by ESPN’s Clinton Yates, Koston and P-Rod dig deep into Los Angeles skateboarding roots, as well as the new and improved Battle of Los Angeles between the Lakers and Clippers.

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Nike SB | Parra

With the new Parra Dunk Low OG and Blazer GT, Parra brings his signature style of hypersaturated colors and whimsical humor to Nike SB. Featuring Kevin Terpening, Guy Mariano, Ishod Wair, Eric Koston, Piet Parra and Sean Malto.

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